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Why Bobbie Is the Cleanest Baby Formula Available

March 30, 2024
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If you have a baby, you’ve probably heard of Bobbie. 

For the uninitiated, they’re a European-style baby formula company with a formula composition modeled after breastmilk. Bobbie is founded by moms, so you know there’s not only quality, but love and care involved in their product. 

Their main goal is to advocate for change in the way we think about nourishing our babies – if you choose formula, then Bobbie has the rest covered! And during the devastating formula shortage of 2022, they stayed strong and managed to continue providing formula to their subscribers through that whole uncertain time, giving parents some much-needed peace of mind. Another major claim to fame? Bobbie is the ONLY USDA and EU Certified Organic formula. 

Read on to see why Bobbie is the cleanest, highest-quality formula you can feed your baby.  

All Organic 

Bobbie’s cow’s milk-based formula is Certified USDA Organic AND non-GMO. That means that Bobbie is clean from the ground up – literally. For a product to be certified organic, it has to meet specific standards, namely that the crops cannot be grown with synthetic fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, or sewage sludge (can you imagine that in your baby formula?), or genetically engineered or irradiated. It also means that animals have to be fed organically-grown feed, can’t be treated with synthetic hormones or antibiotics, and must have access to the outdoors. So it’s not just grown with care, the animals are treated with greater care, too! From the farm to your baby bottle, you’re getting the best of the best.

Certified Pesticide Free

To add an extra layer of cred to their status as a clean formula, Bobbie has been awarded a Pesticide Free Certification by the Clean Label Project, a third-party award program that tests consumer products for a variety of different product safety issues. It’s a rigorous process, but well worth it – steps include sampling, testing, benchmarking, and guaranteeing ongoing compliance. Testing includes completely unannounced retail product sampling and testing, so you know their findings are legit.

No Corn Syrup

Both the FDA and the European Commission require that baby formulas use carbohydrates for 40% of their caloric content. For a lot of US based brands, those carbohydrates come in the form of corn syrup. While it’s approved by the FDA for use in infant formulas, and may be suitable for babies with lactose intolerance (which makes up less than 2% of US born babies), corn syrup is very different from the sugar that naturally occurs in breastmilk – lactose. It also has a much higher glycemic index than lactose, coming in at 100 compared to lactose’s 45. This means that it causes a more rapid rise in blood sugar. Bobbie doesn’t use any corn syrup, and, like breastmilk, uses lactose as its sole source of carbohydrates.

Curious about their other ingredients? 

While the list of things that aren’t found in the formula is long (persistent pesticides, filler, maltodextrin, palm oil, gluten, palm oil), Bobbie is simply made up of:

  1. Organic American Grass-Fed Milk
  2. Iron
  3. Organic Expeller-Pressed Fat Blend
  4. Organic Lactose
  5. Whey Protein
  6. DHA

Clean Label Project Purity Award

There’s only so much information you can get by looking at the ingredients on a label. It doesn’t tell you whether your formula contains heavy metals, pesticide residues, or plasticizers. But Bobbie has been stringently tested by the Clean Label Project and received the Purity Award. And they’re thorough – testing for over 400 industrial and environmental contaminants! Bobbie is one of less than two dozen brands in the baby food and infant formula space that has been able to achieve this certification. Considering that there are no concrete standards for heavy metal contamination in baby formula at a federal level, it’s crucial that external organizations like the Clean Label Project keep consumers informed about which foods are safest for growing babies. Bobbie has made it their business to be on that list.

Centered on Safety

Bobbie's focus on safety runs even deeper – in fact, they list it as one of their top priorities. They’ve covered all the bases with scientifically-supported formula, world class manufacturing, rigorous testing, tamper-evident packaging, and product security. But if you’re feeling even more curious, or want to do your own research, you can trace your product! Simply enter the 7 character alphanumeric code printed on the bottom of each can, and receive a plethora of knowledge; when your product was packaged, its expiration date, and quality test results.

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Loved by Moms and Babies

Don’t just take our word for it – thousands of moms and their babies love Bobbie. When you’re considering what to feed your little one, hearing about other mothers’ experiences is so valuable. Luckily, Bobbie’s fanbase is loud and proud; you can read through the many glowing 5-star reviews on Bobbie’s site and their instagram posts, where the comments sections frequently overflow with personal stories about how Bobbie helped women and their families through their different feeding journeys.

Even More Reasons to Buy Bobbie!

In case you still need a nudge to jump on the Bobbie wagon, here are some perks worth considering:

  • Giving Back: As a small business, Bobbie understands just how important it is to give back to the community. Just this year, they are giving a small group of mastectomy moms a free year of Bobbie. They’ve also got a partnership with Baby2Baby to supply Bobbie to non-profits, and they support Brilliant Detroit in efforts to provide formula to milk-insecure babies.
  • Feeding Guide: An incredibly useful tool, Bobbie has put together a feeding guide to help give answers to parents – from the amount of milk you should give, to the kind of poop you should expect, to figuring out how much Bobbie you’ll need.
  • Bobbie Subscription: Make an account with Bobbie and you can sign up for a subscription that sends formula right to your doorstep on a month or every other month basis – you decide! And, joining the Bobbie Fam means that all the formula you need until your baby’s first birthday will be set aside just for you. 



Peace Of Mind

There are so many reasons to give Bobbie a try, but at the end of the day, the biggest one is your peace of mind. Bobbie offers that – with a formula you can feel good about feeding your baby. When your feeding journey brings you to formula feeding, Bobbie infant formula is worth a first AND second look as a choice for your family.

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