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Unpacking SKKN by Kim

February 4, 2024
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As a self-proclaimed skincare aficionado, I've tried a myriad of products promising eternal youth and glowing skin. So, when Kim Kardashian launched her skincare line, SKKN by Kim, I was intrigued yet skeptical. Can celebrity-endorsed skincare truly deliver, or is it just another drop in the ocean of beauty products? Armed with curiosity and a passion for skincare, I embarked on a personal journey to find out if SKKN by Kim is worth the hype.

First Impressions

At first glance, the SKKN by Kim collection, with its minimalist and architectural design, appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities. But it's what's inside the packaging that matters. The nine-step routine, developed in collaboration with Kim's aesthetician, Joanna Czech, promised a comprehensive skincare experience tailored for all skin types, including those with conditions like psoriasis. But let's be real—the $673 price tag for the entire collection had me raising my eyebrows.

The Nine-Step Skincare Routine Explained

I dove into the regimen, starting with the Cleanser ($43), which boasted a creamy formula enriched with glycerin. It was gentle yet effective, leaving my skin feeling clean without stripping it of moisture. However, the bottle's size made it impractical for travel, a minor inconvenience for such a luxurious product.

The Exfoliator ($55) was next, and it was a game-changer for me. With a subtle floral scent and mineral grains that provided a deep cleanse without being too abrasive, it became a once-a-week treat for my skin. Yet, for those with sensitive skin, I'd recommend proceeding with caution.

The Toner ($45) came as a pleasant surprise, offering a lightweight yet potent formula that helped minimize pores and prepare my skin for the next steps in the routine. The Hyaluronic Acid Serum ($90) and Vitamin C8 Serum ($90) both impressed me with their silky textures and effectiveness, though I have yet to see significant changes in my skin's brightness from the Vitamin C serum.

The Eye Cream ($75) and Face Cream ($85) were luxurious additions, providing my skin with intense hydration and a subtle tightening effect that I absolutely adored. The Oil Drops ($95) and Night Oil ($95), while hydrating, seemed a bit redundant in their purpose. The Night Oil, however, absorbed faster and left my skin with a dewy glow that I couldn't get enough of.

Is SKKN Worth the Hype?

After more than a week of indulging in this lavish skincare routine, I've come to a few conclusions. SKKN by Kim indeed lives up to its promises, providing a sensorial and effective skincare experience that left my skin looking and feeling better than ever. However, the steep price points and large product sizes may not make it accessible or practical for everyone.

For those who can afford it and are looking to treat themselves to a celebrity-endorsed skincare line that delivers results, SKKN by Kim is undoubtedly worth considering. But for those on a budget or with limited shelf space, selectively incorporating one or two products into your existing routine might be the way to go. Regardless, Kim Kardashian has proven that her foray into skincare is more than just a celebrity vanity project—it's a thoughtful, well-formulated collection that caters to the skincare needs of many.

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