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Top Skincare Secrets From an Esthetician

March 2, 2024
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Hallie Font, Director of Esthetics at Hi, skin

Editor’s note: The Better Facial™ is only $79 for first-time guests.

As part of an ongoing series, we are interviewing estheticians for their recommendations on all things skincare. Read on for some beauty hacks, what goes into a perfect facial, and why you should be besties with your esty. 

PRIMARY GOODS: Okay, let's get started! First of all, why don't you introduce yourself? 

HALLIE FONT: Of course! My name is Hallie Font. I am the Director of Esthetics at Hi, skin. I have been with the company for about four years now. I do anything and everything skincare.

PG: What made you want to become an esthetician? 

HF: My own experience, which I feel like is something you hear a lot from estheticians in general. When I hit my early 20’s, my skin kind of went haywire, and I started breaking out. It took me years to get my skin back on track. I saw multiple estheticians, dermatologists, you name it, and I could never find a solution. 

Finally I just educated myself, and I was able to solve the problem and manage my skin. I have really enjoyed helping others that are in the same situation to overcome those obstacles because it's so hard to sift through all the information out there these days! It's been a great journey.

PG: What is your personal skincare routine? (Besides getting regular facials at Hi, skin!) 

HF: It changes a lot because I'm always testing new things. But generally I stick to something fairly simple. In the morning I do a gel cleanser. Then an eye cream, peptide serum, a hyaluronic acid, and a moisturizer. Sometimes I'll throw in a face oil if I'm feeling dry. Then, of course, SPF – slather it on my face, neck, ears, everywhere. I'll double cleanse at night. Then I’ll use some type of exfoliator – physical, or I'll use either a retinol or an alternative. Then, again, eye cream, moisturizer, and face oil.

How often should somebody get a facial? 

HF: Depends on your skin and what you're trying to achieve, but generally I tell people once a month is the minimum. That's for a few reasons. First of all, our skin has a natural cycle of 28 days. So our skin cells will renew, and in order to keep your skin fresh, feeling healthy, pores clear, it's important to go see a professional. If you're looking to target a specific concern, it can be anywhere from like once a week, every two weeks, three weeks. At Hi, skin, we devise a very specific regimen for you, depending on what you need. 

PG: What sort of skin condition would have somebody needing to come in once a week for a facial? 

HF: Hyperpigmentation is one. Acne, if someone's looking to really clear up more intense breakouts. We'll have them come in every one or two weeks to start, and then we'll keep them on a maintenance routine of once a month, to make sure they’re cleared up. Then we’ll have them back to reduce redness and scarring. 

PG: What can somebody expect from their first facial at Hi, skin – especially if they're getting The Better Facial specifically? 

HF: With The Better Facial, expect a really thorough double cleanse, we’ll really get those pores nice and clean, and then we'll go in and analyze your skin so we can understand what your issues are, what's causing the things that are bothering you. From there, we'll customize a series of treatments and modalities that will target those concerns. It will be anything from enzymes, extractions, LED therapy, cryotherapy, and more. We have different boosters that are fantastic for targeting specific concerns as well. In the end you'll leave hydrated, glowing, with healthy skin, and you'll have a regimen to keep your skin health in check. 

PG: In The Better Facial, what's your favorite service to perform? 

HF: I love extractions because you just see such a difference in the skin almost immediately. I also love dermaplaning. Especially if you're looking just for that instant refresh.  

PG: How did you develop this treatment? 

HF: It took a lot of trial and error. I was looking for something that incorporated popular modalities, favorite treatments – but that was also easy to customize and results-driven. And I wanted it to still be enjoyable! I didn't want it to be too cold, too medical. I wanted that relaxing factor. I started with a double cleanse and went in from there. We were able to include extractions, microcurrent, treatment masks, cryotherapy, all the good things, and fit it into 60 minutes. 

PG: What's the most common concern or question that you get from clients? 

HF: Either aging in general, like fine lines, wrinkles, or hormonal acne, for sure. We see a lot of hormonal acne. Teenagers to people in their 50s, 60s are still getting breakouts.  

PG: Have you witnessed any people who have come to Hi, skin and experienced a total 180 in terms of their skin health? 

HF: That's my favorite thing. Having a client come in and say, “My skin has drastically improved since I've been here.” I love solving those issues for people because often skincare issues are like a puzzle. There are so many factors that could be impacting your skin. It could be a lifestyle choice. It could be medication. It could be supplements. It could be the weather. It could be your traveling schedule. It could be your stress load. Really piecing that together and figuring out what might be causing certain reactions is important. It's rewarding to solve those mysteries for clients and see them back after a few months and they're just grinning ear to ear because they're so happy. It's the most satisfying thing ever.

PG: What are four basic skincare tips?

HF: 1. Make sure you're double cleansing at night. 2. SPF every, every day. Super important. 3. Icing your skin is really great. I feel like that's like something that people sleep on. It helps with puffiness, fine lines. It helps with breakouts. It helps refine your pores and it just wakes you up in the morning. It does wonders. 4. Make sure you're getting enough hydration in your skin. Hydration makes a huge difference for any kind of concern. 

Thank you for those tips! Is there anything that you've learned in your esthetician journey and working with Hi, skin that you bring to your everyday life? 

HF: Starting with empathy is a big one. We get a lot of clients who are just going through it, and that's why they're breaking out. That's why they're seeing dullness in their skin because they have a lot going on in life. People are stressed. They're not feeling their greatest. They're feeling a little bit self conscious. So just approaching your whole conversation with a lot of empathy and knowing that they're there because they need help. And I feel like in life, that's so applicable as well. You never know what people are going through. So just assume the best in people and start with that empathy right up front.

I have a wonderful job and we get to help people and really get to hear about all of their happiness and struggles. And I've been with clients through engagements and weddings and kids. But then people have sad things like death in the family, or they're struggling with a pet's health, and you get to go through everything with them. 

PG: That's so cool. What do you feel like Hi, skin brings to the skincare community that no other skincare studio brings?

HF: I think that a lot of times in skincare, it can be scary and really overwhelming. We wanted to make that skincare journey something you looked forward to, something you really wanted to do every month. We created a space that was vibrant and exciting and beautiful and someplace that you want to spend time in. Then we also brought in a bunch of amazing professionals that are so talented and knowledgeable and they're able to give you all this advice regarding products and treatments every month. It's very accessible and it's very fun. 

What would you say to somebody who has never gotten a facial before and was unsure about getting their first facial at Hi, skin

HF: We see it all the time. Most of our estheticians have been through exactly what that client is going through. Just know that you're in good hands. Being communicative with your esthetician is really important – telling them your fears or what you're worried about so that we can explain to you why we're doing what we're doing. We're going to give you a good time. It's going to be relaxing. You're going to learn a lot, and you're going to listen to some great music in the meantime! 

Check out Hi, skin for soothing treatments and super glowy skin – your first facial is only $79!

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