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This Razor Will Change The Way You Think About Shaving

January 6, 2024
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Let me be real for a second: I hate shaving. 

I’ve tried what seems like every razor under the sun. Venus, Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, Flamingo, those awful 2-blade Daisies from the drugstore. I’ve even tried my boyfriend’s Gillettes and Schicks. The drawbacks ran the gamut: most gave me cuts and razor burn, some worked decently enough but were wayyy overpriced, others simply didn’t shave the hair (they had one job!!), and several were just plain ugly. And those cuts I mentioned? They’d always turn into scabs, which I’d then have to navigate around the next time I shaved. 

I also have really sensitive skin. My legs would itch SO BADLY every single time I shaved, no matter how much lotion I slathered on. It was super uncomfortable! I was ready to give up on shaving forever, but I felt torn – I genuinely prefer a clean-shaven look and feel, but how could I ever hope to achieve it, without all the major downsides??

One day I was venting my shaving woes to a good friend, and she asked me if I’d ever heard of Athena Club – a super cute women’s wellness brand that just so happened to sell the perfect razor via a monthly subscription. She said the pricing was reasonable, rivaling Dollar Shave Club! I was intrigued by the bright, poppy colors and claims that the razor was designed for the curved contours of the body… so I went ahead and ordered The Razor Kit

(Spoiler: This razor is amazing. Best shave of my life. Read on for the full review!)

Off to a Good Start…

To order Athena Club razors, you start a subscription with them – which, okay, if these razors are as magical as I hear they are, would be totally worth it. Full transparency: I was still pretty dubious at this point, having been burned (pun intended) by so many razors in the past.

But as I went through the ordering process, I started to feel hopeful. I even enjoyed taking the quiz to see how many razor heads I’d need and how frequently. I’m a once-a-week shaver, so they recommended a smaller quantity. I liked that they offered a discount for ordering a full year’s worth of razor heads at once. I chose 16 blades for a 12-month supply, so I could always have them on hand and never be stuck with a dull blade again. I appreciated the fact that with fewer shipments, I was saving some money AND being a bit more environmentally friendly (less packages being sent to my house!). 

The Full Package

My first Athena Club razor arrived in a cute little lilac-colored package, the same color as the razor that I ordered. It came with a razor handle and two cartridges, as well as a magnetic razor holder that I could put up in my shower. Convenient!

It also came with a package of complimentary Face Wipes for removing makeup, which I thought was a nice touch. They worked super well to remove my makeup at the end of the night. I appreciated the thought that went into making the experience of receiving my new razor a special one. It also got me thinking that I should probably try some of their other offerings…

What Makes it So Special?

I wasn’t exclusively swayed by word-of-mouth – when I looked into this razor, there were some pretty luxe-sounding features. First off, it had 5 intentionally-spaced blades. With my old razors, my hair would get stuck in between the blades and clog them up, making them impossible to shave with – so blades with a little space in between sounded good to me. 

I also used to struggle with physically holding onto my razor in the shower; it would always slide out of my hands, creating a dangerous sharp obstacle on the slippery shower floor. The Athena Club razor’s aluminum handle is coated with a non-slip silicone, making it (hopefully) immune to my butterfingers. 

I also don’t have a ton of real estate on the lip of my tub to prop up my shower necessities, making razor storage a little bit precarious. Luckily, the Athena Club razor comes with a magnetic hook that allows you to put it right up on the wall of the shower, safely out of harm’s way. 

One more excellent aspect of the Athena Club razors are the various colorways. I chose Lilac, but they’ve got gorgeous options, from Coral to Sky Blue to the immensely popular Rose. 

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  • Pivoting razor head: designed to work with your body and hug your curves
  • 5 stainless steel blades
  • Blades are perfectly spaced to allow hair and shaving cream to easily pass through
  • Skin guards to help prevent razor burn
  • Non-slip silicone handle
  • Magnetic hook for easy access
  • Hyaluronic acid-infused moisture strip keeps skin smooth and prevents irritation
  • Customizable subscription plan; you can change volume and frequency anytime 
  • Never run out of razor blades again
  • Blades cost as little as $2.25
  • Choose from 10 different colors


  • Subscription only; no one-off purchases
  • Doesn’t come in red (seriously, I’m grasping at straws here)

Unbelievable Results

Sorry to jump-scare you with photos of my hairy legs, but how else could you tell just how well this razor works? 

I honestly couldn’t believe how smooth the shave was. I typically shave with a shave gel or cream, but even with soap alone, the razor glided over my skin with ease. Shaving actually felt fun for once. My skin was left smooth and hairless with just a few swipes. The luxurious hyaluronic acid strip made a surprising difference in the effectiveness of the shave. I could actually feel the added slip and my legs felt moisturized even before I added lotion.

Navigating the tricky areas of my kneecap and the back of my knees, which have always been especially prone to nicks, was also somehow easier with the Athena Club razor. Something about the shape of it just made handling those difficult nooks and crannies much less perilous.

The true test though was how my legs felt afterwards. Please recall that I tend to get little cuts all over my legs when I shave, and also that my skin gets very itchy and irritated after the deed is done. That usually happens within an hour of shaving. So I dried off, lotioned up, and waited with baited breath to see if my legs would start itching and getting red. And guess what? THEY DIDN’T. Shockingly, the Athena Club razors were so easy on my skin that I didn’t have the same reaction I’ve had after every single time I had shaved previously for the past 15 years.

Will I Stick With Athena Club?

Considering that the razors are affordable, super cute, and, most importantly, don’t absolutely wreck my legs every time I shave, my answer is YES! I might have to change up my subscription for next year, though, because now that I’m using the Athena Club razors, I like shaving so much that I’m shifting it to a few times a week rather than just once. 

I can’t believe I actually said that. But it’s true – this razor has changed my relationship to shaving!

If you want a beautifully-designed razor that actually delivers, go ahead and start your subscription with Athena Club.

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