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This E-Scooter is No Child’s Play

January 22, 2024
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For me, the word “scooter” conjures up images of helmets and elbow pads forced upon me by my mom, sensations of rattling across old pavement, and the pain of being smacked right on the ankle bone by a Razor.

Not exactly what I’d call sophisticated, which is why it’s been over a decade since scooters have been a part of my life.

But now, especially in Los Angeles, they seem to be making a distinct comeback. Everywhere I look, someone’s got an electric scooter – efficiency is key in this sprawling city, and walking simply doesn’t cut it. As we all shift to more environmentally friendly ways of doing things, scooters are becoming a viable car alternative. 

At first, I fought it. I scoffed at the idea of getting back onto a glorified skateboard. But upon further consideration…

My FOMO was real. I had to have one.

Initially, I settled for renting. With stations set up throughout the city, hopping on an e-scooter from Lime or Bird made sense… until it didn’t. In a word, they were inconvenient. From fiddly QR codes, to sticky handlebars (why are they sticky?!), to unwieldy steering, I knew it was time to make an investment in my lifestyle. And maybe my dignity, too.

Enter: GoTrax, a company focused on making micromobility accessible, so people have the freedom to commute, exercise, and explore how they want, whenever they want.

Credit: GoTrax

GoTrax’s best sellers are their electric scooters. Lightweight, foldable, speedy, clean… one might even hazard calling them “sophisticated.” Cue the gasps.

And, I have to admit, they truly are a better way to travel. Portable, so I don’t have to worry about parking. Convenient, so I can make these smaller commutes without getting stuck in rush-hour traffic. Eco-friendly, so maybe we can finally start seeing stars in the night sky. And, of course, easy to maneuver – because I’d hate to arrive at a coffee shop date sweaty and out of breath.

My personal pick? The Apex Electric Scooter. With an eye-catching red design, wheels designed for bumpy city streets, and a lightweight body that makes it easy to carry onto the Metro, I was sold. It arrived pre-built; my only task was attaching the handlebars, which I felt undeservedly proud of doing.

My first ride – to a coffee date, no less – was shockingly easy. The ride was so smooth I could take in my surroundings while riding (who knew LA was so beautiful?), and I could practically feel the envy emanating from passersby. The digital dashboard kept me informed on my speed, distance, and battery, and taking it into the coffee shop with me was a breeze, folding up in a snap.

Not once did I worry about losing balance, running out of charge, or receiving a swift knock to the Achilles. All I felt was a comfortable commute, and the delight of helping make the world a little greener and a little easier to get around.

I never thought I would become a scooter person again – was I ever in the first place? But begone, preconceived notions. And be still, my beating heart.

The era of rickety, childish scooters is no more. Long live the GoTrax electric scooter.

Credit: GoTrax


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