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This Anti-Aging Body Lotion Won’t Stop Selling Out. Is it Worth the Hype?

February 25, 2024
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Editor's Note: If you're looking for an all-in-one body lotion that moisturizes, brightens, fights aging, and protects your microbiome, Iota's Supermatcha Body Lotion is our pick. Get 15% off your first order!

I’m skeptical of most things that go “viral.” My 40-year-old body has, over the years, tested about 400 different body lotions – all recommended by either beauty editors or the Instagram algorithm, all promising to work wonders on my dry, redness-prone, and now aging skin. 

So when I heard about Iota’s Supermatcha Body Lotion+, how it was praised by beauty editors at Poosh, Who What Wear, and Forbes, and how it sold out within 4 hours of its release, I was not immediately impressed! Many things are inexplicably popular – like that meme of the Real Housewife and cat screaming at each other.

My coworker finally swayed me. She’s a few years older and swore that the matcha lotion had completely changed her skin – it helped fade dark spots, tightened her upper arms, and even reduced some cellulite.

After trying it for myself, I have to admit… this lotion actually delivers on its claims. Read on to find out why Supermatcha is my new holy grail.

Premium, Science-Backed Ingredients

Let’s start with what’s different about this body lotion

I’ve tried many lotions claiming to firm and tighten skin, but none that contain face-grade, anti-aging actives like Rambutan, aka “plant-based botox.” That’s because Iota was actually the first to harness this potent superfruit – harvested from the first organic-certified farms in Vietnam – in a body lotion! Rambutan functions like retinol, promoting skin cell turnover, firming skin, and slowing signs of aging.

The not-so-secret weapon for aging skin: Rambutan 

Here are a few other powerhouse ingredients, along with their skin benefits:

  • Matcha: antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation and breakouts
  • Snow Mushroom: promotes long-lasting hydration
  • Caffeine: reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Niacinamide: fades dark spots
  • Turmeric: helps brighten & reduce acne scars 
  • Prebiotics and postbiotics: for overall skin and body health

Healthiest Skin Ever

The Supermatcha lotion does more than just make you look younger and hotter (although, in my experience, it also does that!); it balances your skin’s microbiome. 

Why is this essential? 

The short answer: your skin is like a shield, protecting your body from pathogens. But overtime, this barrier can weaken due to aging and oxidative stress, leaving you vulnerable to illness – including autoimmune issues and even cardiovascular disease. So truly, maintaining a good balance of bacteria on the skin is a pillar of health, just like eating right and exercising.

And yes, pro- and postbiotics ALSO improve overall skin appearance! Which brings me to…

Glowing Results

The cat is out of the bag: I love this lotion.

First of all, it’s deeply hydrating. I’m currently writing this in winter, when my skin is typically dry and flaky. But after three weeks of Supermatcha, my skin is smooth, baby-soft, and glowing – ready for minidresses whenever the mood strikes! When I was first researching Iota, I’d scoffed at a customer review that claimed, “Magic... The difference in my legs is night and day. I feel like I have summer legs with this.” But it turns out they were right! (Cheers to you, Alex C.)

I also noticed that my skin looks less red and irritated, probably thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of matcha and turmeric. It’s overall so much brighter, calmer, and more even – like the skin I had in my mid-20’s. 

Credit: Iota

A Luxe New Ritual 

Every day, when I come out of the shower and apply this lightweight, mousse-like (never sticky or greasy) lotion, I feel like I’m getting ready for the red carpet. It’s so luxurious going on – with a subtle, natural matcha scent – and I love knowing all of the lush, exotic ingredients that I’m feeding my skin with. 

I can feel the effects of the face-grade actives, working their magic. How often have you said that about your body lotion? (I’m not here to judge; I was like you once.) 

The Supermatcha Body Lotion+ has transformed not just my skin, but how I think about taking care of it. I’ll never neglect my microbiome again!


There are hundreds of 5-star reviews for this lotion. Here are just a few for your consideration:

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Get It Before It’s Out Of Stock (Again)! 

Ultimately, the internet was right. The Supermatcha Body Lotion+ is a hero product. From its powerful ingredients, to its delightful texture, to its unbeatable benefits, it deserves all of the hype and more.

Grab your own before it sells out again -- and get 15% off your first order!



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