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These Pans Made Me Stop Ordering Delivery and Start Cooking More

January 31, 2024
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Editor’s note: If you’re trying to eat healthier, there’s no better place to start than with GreenPan's Reserve set. And right now you can get it for 10% off with code: PRIMARY10

Let’s get real. How many home-cooked meals are you really preparing every week? 

Four? Seven? Three every single day? Do people live like that?

I certainly did not. I lived on my food delivery apps. The convenience of having restaurant-quality meals delivered when I wanted it, wherever I wanted it – I ate like royalty. My friends would say I was lazy and somewhat unhealthy. I say I was simply treating myself (again and again…and again). 

Wouldn’t you know, my pals were right. My dwindling bank account and rising sodium levels – plus the alarming amount of trash I took out each week – forced me to realize that this habit wasn’t sustainable.

So I took action – and found some high-quality pans that would inspire me to cook more: GreenPan’s incredible Reserve Collection.

The Non-toxic Nonstick You Never Knew You Needed

The first step in my transformation from lazy slob to chef extraordinaire? The proper tools. 

I’ll be honest, before I tried GreenPan, I owned some very mediocre nonstick pans. Warped, scratched up, occasionally flaking off into my food, possibly endangering my health (??)... Not exactly motivating! Then I found these healthy ceramic pans that promised to be safer and longer-lasting.

Here’s a quick rundown of GreenPan’s highlights:

  • Non-toxic ceramic – none of the toxic PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium that come with traditional non-stick
  • Sustainable manufacturing, so even the pans themselves cut down on waste
  • Nonstick, so you can reduce  your usage of oil and fat – plus it’s super easy to clean
  • Versatility – from bakeware, to full cookware sets, to air fryers, Greenpan has whatever you might be searching for
  • Superior heat conductivity, for the amateur restaurateurs to create dishes beyond their wildest imagination

All my boxes were being ticked. It seemed too good to be true…

Worth the Splurge? 

With wide-eyed innocence, I admired the 10-piece Reserve set in stunning Julep with gold hardware – and the $579.99 price tag brought me right back down to earth. No matter how many times I closed my laptop and opened it back up again hoping the price would change, it stayed the same.

But the longer I thought about it, the more I could easily justify it. Cookware of this caliber is an investment in your health AND your wealth.

I did some quick math and discovered the painful truth: I was spending close to $1,700 a month on delivery. 

Suddenly, the Reserve set looked like a much more reasonable option. I would not only be saving hundreds of dollars every month, I would be committing to a healthier lifestyle. I clicked “PURCHASE.” Goodbye Grubhub, hello gourmet! 

Turning Up the Heat

Receiving the box on my doorstep, I realized I felt incredibly… intimidated. With such high-quality pieces, I needed to start them out by making some high-quality food. But my recipes were rusty and my stirring hand atrophied, casualties of my food delivery habit. 

I needed a way to break the seal, with very little chance of failure. The solution? 

A GreenPan Get-Together. Invite the foodiest friends I have, and tell them to bring their best recipes – really put the pans to the test, with tried-and-true dishes. Meanwhile, I can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor. It’s called baby steps!

As they prepped and cooked and mise-en-placed, I very helpfully supervised. And, like the people actually putting in the effort, I was quite impressed. The pans heated quickly and evenly, seared meats like nobody’s business, and required very little oil to get a perfect Maillard reaction. Honestly, I got a little jealous that cooking looked so easy for them. I hopped in and sauteed some asparagus to perfection, if I do say so myself. And the best part? It WAS easy.

Bringing the Restaurant Home

Now? My friends might as well call me Chef.

The joy that cooking can bring – the sense of community, pride, and experimentation – makes sense to me. I’m eating healthier, saving boatloads of money, and keeping myself and the planet safe in the process. Recipes are even better when you can adapt them to your own personal preferences, it turns out. 

Plus, I’ve embraced the trend of meal prepping, making several dishes at a time with my 10-piece set. I’m getting convenient, delicious food, even faster than delivery could get it to me.

Credit: @TheOriginalGreenPan on Instagram

More Happy Home Cooks

Others have seen the light, too. Read below how GreenPan changes everyone’s cooking game, from enthusiastic amateur to pro chef!

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I’m a Kitchen Convert

While I’m not quite ready to delete all my delivery apps, I can definitively say: GreenPan has improved my life. I savor the moment – and my food – even more knowing that I put effort into it. With my pans in hand, I have a healthier, more sustainable diet while investing the money I save on quality ingredients and probably too much garlic. If you’re looking to squash a bad habit like me, or just indulge in the delight of cooking, this is the investment you need.

And right now you can get the 10-piece set of your dreams for 10% off with code: PRIMARY10!



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