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The Obsessive Seltzer Fan’s Guide to the Best Sparkling Waters

January 16, 2024
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Who doesn’t love bubbles? They just make the water drinking experience that much more exciting. Add in a little fruity flavor and you’ve got the recipe for a beverage that can’t be beat. At PG, we’re more than passionate on the subject – we’re practically bubbling over. Frothing, even! :) We took our excitement for effervescence and used it to try a bunch of different sparkling waters. Somehow we managed to boil it down to our 8 favorites. Cheers!

Credit: Recess

1. Recess

Recess is less of a sparkling water and more of a lifestyle – with every can containing stress-busting adaptogens like American ginseng and L-theanine. It comes in some unique combinations like Blackberry Chai, Peach Ginger, and Pomegranate Hibiscus. The flavors are light and pleasant, not overpowering, and the bubble level is mild to medium. Try a can as a replacement for alcohol at your next social gathering, or just drink it as a midday pick-me-up when your life needs to be a little cool, calm, and collected. 

Credit: LaCroix

2. LaCroix

LaCroix is a classic in the sparkling water game, known for its iconic, brightly colored cans and natural flavors. With over 30 “natural essences” like Key Lime, Lemon, and Pamplemousse (grapefruit), LaCroix offers a simple and crisp taste that's perfect for those who prefer a straightforward sparkling water without any sweetness. The bubbles can be a bit intense for some people, but personally, we love them!

Credit: Topo Chico

3. Topo Chico

Topo Chico is a mineral-rich sparkling water that originates from Mexico and has gained a loyal following for its unique bubbles and distinct taste. The bubbles in Topo Chico are small but intense, making it a fizzy and satisfying option for those who love a strong carbonation kick. Fans of the brand (which, hi, that’s us) love sipping out of their elegant glass bottles. 

Credit: Hal’s

4. Hal's New York

While technically a seltzer rather than a true sparkling water (the difference? Sparkling waters get their fizz from naturally occurring minerals, while seltzers bubble up from added carbon dioxide), Hal’s New York is one to watch on the water scene. With options like Cola, Vanilla Creme, and Watermelon, Hal's New York offers a burst of flavor without any added sugars or calories.

Credit: Waterloo

5. Waterloo

Waterloo boasts a wide range of naturally-flavored waters, including Strawberry, Black Cherry, and Cherry Limeade. The carbonation is a bit on the intense side, and there’s zero sugar, zero calories, and zero artificial sweeteners. Their flavors are complex and, despite not containing purees or juices of the fruits in question like some of the offerings on this list, they really taste like what they’re supposed to taste like.

Credit: Spindrift

6. Spindrift

How does Spindrift get its vibrant flavors? By infusing their sparkling water with real fruit juices and purees! With bright options like Raspberry Lime, Lemon Limeade, and Mango Orange, Spindrift offers a refreshing and authentic taste that's perfect for fruit lovers. Spindrift uses natural ingredients and no added sweeteners, and their flavors absolutely taste like real fruits.

Credit: Perrier

7. Perrier

Don’t sleep on the classics. Perrier has been around for 150 years. Perrier offers a crisp and timeless taste that's loved by many. Known for its distinctive green bottle and iconic bubbles, Perrier has a medium carbonation level that's not too overpowering, making it a great option for those who prefer a milder experience. They’re not just known for their plain offering – they have a full line of naturally flavored sparkling waters too.


Credit: Sanzo

8. Sanzo

When you’re tired of more common sparkling water flavors like lemon and lime, Sanzo’s the perfect pick – delivering delights like Lychee, Calamansi, and Yuzu with Ginger. Every option contains no added sugar, so the true taste of the fruit can really stand out. The fizz is light and airy, gently complementing flavors that we don’t often see on grocery store shelves. 

Hopefully that gives you a little direction in choosing your new bubbly water obsession. We’re not saying that you should replace your ENTIRE daily water intake with these sparkling waters… but if you’re trying to make your life a little bit more fun and refreshing, give one of these fizzy beverages a try. 

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