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The Comfiest Pillows For Every Sleeper

January 7, 2024
At Primary Goods, we have an independent selection process & only review what we fully endorse. If you buy a product via our links, we may earn a commission.

Everyone has a different sleep style. You might be an angelic side sleeper, a sprawling stomach sleeper, a sweaty sleeper, or a classic starfisher. (You know who you are.) Just as there’s a lid for every pot, there’s a pillow for every unique sleep preference. We at PG are a highly discerning bunch, especially when it comes to our bedding – and it turns out that our sleep needs are varied. After testing pillows of all styles, fills, and budgets, we’re bringing you the absolute best pillows for every type of sleeper.

Side Sleepers: 

Coop Sleep Goods – Original Pillow

Coop’s award-winning pillow gets our vote because it's 100% adjustable – meaning you can customize the amount of fill to fit your needs. Too lofty for your liking? Take out some fill. Too flat? Add some back in. Each pillow comes with an extra half-pound bag of Coop’s signature cross-cut memory foam + microfiber fill – specifically designed to keep your neck and back aligned and pain-free. After sleeping on this pillow, we woke up with none of the soreness we’d grown accustomed to; instead, we felt shockingly well-rested. We also love that Coop pillows are GREENGUARD Gold and CertiPUR-US® certified for low emissions! 

SHOP NOW | $72

Credit: Purple

Back Sleepers: 

Purple – Purple Harmony™ Pillow

The people who brought you the meticulously-engineered Purple mattress are at it again, this time with an ingenious pillow to keep your head perfectly cradled. Their inner core of ventilated latex has an infinitely bouncy feel, meaning your pillow will *never* lose its shape or fall flat – no more fluffing and flipping throughout the night. This is the stuff of dreams, pun very much intended. Plus, Purple knows we all love options, so they offer their pillows in three different heights. (The medium worked divinely for us.) 

SHOP NOW | $179

Credit: Amazon

Stomach Sleepers:

Bluewave Bedding – Hyper Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Stomach sleepers know the key to comfort (and not waking up with a wonky neck) is a slim pillow. Bluewave Bedding’s low-profile pillow is the holy grail – at just 2.25 inches, it’s designed to keep your neck aligned for perfect sleep. We thought thin might mean flimsy, but we were pleased to be proven wrong! The pillow is packed with medium-firm, CertiPUR-US® certified gel memory foam that feels substantial and well-made. Bluewave has multiple height options (this is the slimmest) and excellent customer support, so you can find your perfect match. 

SHOP NOW | From $39.95

Credit: Coop 

Hot Sleepers

Coop Sleep Goods – Eden Pillow

Can you tell we’re mildly obsessed with Coop? Their adjustable pillows offer something for everyone, but their Eden pillow is especially good if you sleep hot. It’s made with a blend of cooling gel-infused memory foam and supportive microfiber; the material is super breathable and wicks away moisture (i.e. sweat) so you stay cool and comfy throughout the night. Like their Original Pillow, the Eden is customizable, allowing you to control your level of fill. An extra perk: Coop is offering a 100-night risk-free trial, so you can literally sleep on it and decide how you feel. 

SHOP NOW | $96

Credit: Saatva

Sensitive Sleepers:

Saatva – Latex Pillow

When allergy season is all year round, you need a pillow that keeps irritants at bay. Saatva pillows are made with natural latex, which is inherently hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, mildew, and dust mites – meaning less sneezing and more snoozing! Plus, their breathable cotton pillow covers are Fair Trade Certified™. Saatva gets extra points for making luxe, hotel-quality pillows that made us feel like royalty while giving us the best sleep in a long time.

SHOP NOW | $132

Credit: Leesa

Indecisive Sleepers:

Leesa – Hybrid Pillow

For finicky sleepers who sometimes want soft, sometimes want cool, and sometimes don’t know what they want, we recommend this best-of-all worlds pillow from Leesa. One side is fluffy and filled with down-like clusters for cozy comfort; the other is a flat, memory-foam material infused with cooling gel that hot sleepers will love. (FYI – you don’t have to sleep with the cool side facing up to get the body-regulating benefits!) Each pillow comes with a removable insert so you can customize your plushness. Plus, Leesa is OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certified for safety.

SHOP NOW | $118

Credit: Amazon

Bougie-On-A-Budget Sleepers:

Beckham Hotel Collection – Gel Cooling Pillow

For a hotel-quality pillow that won’t break the bank, look no further than Beckham Hotel Collection. This brand doesn’t need our recommendation; they have 152,213 5-star reviews on Amazon (and counting)! But we’ll throw more roses their way. We found the pillow to be perfectly plush, and the combination of the breathable cotton cover + cooling inner fibers kept us comfortable throughout the night.


The world of pillows is vast and can be overwhelming! We hope our curated roundup will help you rest easy (again, pun intended) and give you everything you need for an amazing night’s sleep – whatever kind of sleeper you may be. 

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