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The 6 Weirdest Places I Left My Keys (Before Trying This Supplement)

May 1, 2024
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I’ve always had a tendency to lose track of things. Not in a “children found wandering in grocery store after mother drives off” kind of way – more like “trying to find your glasses while they’re on your head.” And one thing I’ve always had a problem keeping track of is my keys. To the point that it’s become a running joke in our family. Mom can’t find her keys? Somebody check the freezer. 

But now, joke’s on my family – I have the memory of an elephant since I started taking HealthyCell’s Focus + Recall MicroGels! Their extra-effective, brain-power-boosting gels have done exactly what the name implies: they’ve improved my focus, helping me pay attention to what I’m doing; and they’ve boosted my recall, ensuring that even when I temporarily misplace my keys, I always remember where they were. 

I can still laugh at myself, though, and look back fondly on 6 of the strangest places I used to leave my keys:

1. In The Freezer

Nope, this one wasn’t a joke. Groceries in hand meets keys in hand meets distracted Mom. The result: icy cool keys and a pair of kids an hour late for school.

2. On My Dashboard

Fortunately, we live in a great neighborhood and my car wasn’t stolen. Unfortunately, your car is pretty much the last place you think to look for your keys when they go missing.

3. Under My Pillow

This one was the result of one of those memory hacks: “Place the thing you need to remember in the morning under your pillow so you notice it as soon as you wake up,” the internet said. Clearly, the internet was not prepared to handle my morning haziness.

4. On The Key Rack

Yep, guess who breezed right past the most obvious place? And then decided to check everywhere else in the house (including the dog’s bed) before doubling back to look at the key rack again. I should have had more faith in my instincts!

5. With The Laundry

Washed. Dried. Undiscovered until I started folding. I expected all the clothes to smell like metal; they didn’t! Sometimes, the universe rewards you.

6. Stuck In A Glass, In The Dishwasher

I have no explanation.

Credit: HealthyCell

Get Your Brain Back

Whether you’re dealing with mom-brain, work-brain, stress-brain, tired-brain, or just plain old not-firing-on-all-cylinders-brain, Focus + Recall is a godsend. It packs 2,988 mg of brain-boosting nootropic ingredients into a single delicious pack – with powerhouse ingredients like Curcumin, Omega 3, L-Theanine, Taurine, Tyrosine, and Ginseng Extract to support your neurotransmitters, brain blood flow, brain cell antioxidant activity, and more. 

Basically, this stuff is brain power in gel form. And it works. 

Since I started taking it every morning, I have lost my keys zero times. To clarify, my “absentmindedly drop your keys wherever” tendencies have slowed down dramatically. And while I do still occasionally leave my keys in the dog food bag, I can immediately remember where they are. And I’m calling that a win. 

If your brain’s in need of a little extra help getting its act together, I definitely recommend HealthyCell’s Focus + Recall – and if you order now, you can get 10% off with code: PRIMARY10!

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