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Struggling to Find a Foundation With Your Undertone? Try About-Face.

April 16, 2024
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In the ever-evolving world of beauty, where inclusivity is becoming not just appreciated but expected, About-Face emerges as a beacon of innovation and diversity

The brand's standout product, The Performer Foundation, is making waves for its exceptional approach to catering to a wide spectrum of skin tones and its unique range of undertones. Here’s why this foundation is quickly becoming a must-have in beauty arsenals around the globe.

Serving Face

About-Face's The Performer Foundation is designed to break the mold of traditional foundations. With an impressive range of shades, the product stands out for its commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone, from the fairest to the deepest skin tones, finds their perfect match. What sets it apart further is its meticulous attention to undertones—offering cool, neutral, warm, and even olive undertones, making it a rarity in the market.

The Performer isn’t just about color matching; it’s about skin health and long-lasting wear. The formula boasts a blend of hydrating and soothing ingredients that maintain skin moisture without compromising on coverage. Lightweight yet buildable, it offers a seamless finish that mimics skin for an almost invisible look. This foundation doesn’t cake or settle into fine lines, instead, it moves with your skin, offering a natural, flawless appearance all day long.

One of the biggest challenges in finding the perfect foundation is not just matching the skin tone but also getting the undertones right. About-Face understands this and has developed a foundation line that includes an array of undertones. From cool pinks to warm yellows and even the elusive neutral and olive undertones, The Performer makes it easier for individuals to find a foundation that truly matches their skin, not just in lightness or darkness but in the subtle hues that define their unique complexion.

The brand’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond its product range. About-Face is dedicated to representing all beauty types in its marketing and educational materials. By showcasing a diverse array of models and skin tones, it sends a powerful message that beauty is inclusive, and everyone deserves to find their perfect makeup match.

Performance Meets Perfection

What makes The Performer Foundation a standout is not only its inclusivity but also its performance. Designed to withstand long hours and diverse climates, it maintains its integrity throughout the day, offering medium to full coverage that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types, from oily to dry, and its matte finish helps control shine while still providing a luminous glow.

The rave reviews about The Performer Foundation underscore its effectiveness and wide appeal. Users praise its blendability, coverage, and, most importantly, the variety of undertones available. Makeup enthusiasts from around the world have noted how this foundation has simplified their beauty routines, making it easier to achieve a professional look without the help of a makeup artist.

About-Face is not only changing the game in terms of product range but also in how it approaches production and packaging. The Performer Foundation is cruelty-free and comes in packaging that considers environmental impact, aligning with the values of consumers who are not only looking for high-quality makeup but also want to make ethical purchasing choices.

In a market flooded with countless foundation options, The Performer stands out for its comprehensive approach to inclusivity and quality. It simplifies the often daunting task of finding the perfect foundation by providing a versatile range of shades and undertones, coupled with a formula that promotes skin health and durability.


About-Face's The Performer Foundation is more than just makeup; it's a testament to the brand's vision of a more inclusive and thoughtful beauty industry. 

For anyone who has struggled to find their perfect foundation match, The Performer offers not just a solution but a revolution. It epitomizes the future of beauty—one where everyone can see themselves reflected in the products they choose.

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