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Our Favorite Canned Cocktails For Summer

January 7, 2024
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Summer’s all about relaxing and unwinding, and there’s nothing better for that than kicking back with a refreshing cocktail. The only problem? Actually making the drinks. Let us take a few steps out of your summer cocktail routine (that’s a thing, right?) and present you with a lineup of truly excellent canned cocktails that are sure to inspire some incredible summer nights.  

Credit: Cutwater Spirits
  1. Cutwater Spirits - Tequila Paloma

Here we have a perfectly balanced blend of grapefruit, soda water, and Cutwater Spirits’ award-winning tequila. The grapefruit flavor is not too sweet, but has a nice tartness that balances well with the tequila, giving it a pleasant and refreshing taste. Full disclosure: I may have had a few too many of these at book club last week and I came through with some absolutely shocking takes on Jane Austen’s Persuasion. 

Credit: Novo Fogo
Credit: Novo Fogo
  1. Novo Fogo - Sparkling Caipirinha Mango and Lime

Made with organic cachaça, mango syrup, and real lime juice, Novo Fogo's Sparkling Caipirinha is like a taste of Brazil in a can. The carbonation gives it a light and refreshing fizz, making it a great option for a hot summer day. We found it to be sweet, but not overpoweringly so, with the earthy flavor of the cachaça balancing out the natural sweetness of the mango. 

Credit: Drizly
  1. Crook & Marker - Blackberry Lime Margarita

Made with organic alcohol and zero added sweeteners, this delicious option from Crook & Marker is packed with real fruit flavor. The Blackberry Lime Margarita is a slightly tart and sweet concoction that goes down easy — the perfect choice for a warm summer evening.

Credit: Post Meridiem
  1. Post Meridiem - Lemongrass Vodka Gimlet

A unique and refreshing twist on a classic cocktail. Made with premium vodka and infused with natural lemongrass flavor, this canned cocktail offers a perfect balance of sweetness and an herbal, slightly citrusy tang. Plus, look how cute n’ tiny the can is!

Credit: Drizly
  1. Two Chicks Cocktails - Sparkling Cranberry Tartini

Made with premium vodka and real cranberry juice, this cocktail has a perfectly balanced flavor profile – not too sweet, not too tart. It’s also infused with carbonation, which adds a nice fizz and gives it a light and refreshing mouthfeel. It’s worth mentioning it’s won a few awards, so we’re not the only ones who felt transported by this refreshing beverage. 

Credit: Mayne & Co
  1. Mayne & Co Modern Mimosa

A delicious and easy-drinking canned cocktail designed to perfectly complement brunch. Made with premium Italian sparkling wine and real California orange juice, this cocktail is the on-the-go mimosa you didn’t know you needed.

Credit: Lovescotch
  1. Phreshly - G’iddem

With flavors inspired by the founders’ Ghanaian roots, the G’iddem canned cocktail is a refreshing blend of blueberry and lemongrass with a pineapple rum base. The hint of nutmeg spice at the finish is a pleasant surprise. Immediately apparent upon taking a sip is the attention to detail that went into creating this bespoke cocktail recipe. These are meant to be enjoyed over ice, but are also delightful on their own. 

If you end up trying one of these 7 canned cocktails, please please please drunk-email us and let us know how you liked them! 

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