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No More Shaving Accidents – Athena Club Saved My Skin

January 20, 2024
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Editor's Note: To get your Athena Club in time for the holiday season, make sure to place your order by 12/15!

Showering is tough for me.

And I don’t mean in any sort of deeply psychological way, or that I prefer long, luxurious baths (although I won’t say no to one). I just wear glasses. So when I clamber into the shower? I’m flying blind.

Bruised elbows, picking up conditioner instead of body wash, shampoo in the eyes – the list of shower risks goes on…

But nothing is more harrowing than the days I decide to shave. Taking a blurry razor to indiscriminate parts of the body…delicate ones…? You can imagine why I stretch my shaves to once a week.

Then I tried Athena Club – a razor so good, you can use it with your eyes closed. Seriously.

Subscribing to a Better Shave

Let’s begin with what Athena Club is, and why they’ve made such a difference in my near-sighted life.

Athena Club is a one-stop shop for elevated, functional self-care essentials. Their best-selling item – by far – is the Razor Kit: a razor subscription that delivers you new blades as often as you need them. The razor itself is superior to any razor I’ve ever tried before – but more on that later! 

The subscription is customizable and easy to start; you just select your color (they have SO many fun options to choose from, I went with the special edition Barbie Super Pink because it made me smile), how often you shave, and how frequently you’d like to receive blade refills. 

It’s also insanely cheap – $10 for the razor, and then, depending on your desired refill schedule, a few bucks a month for the new blades. My custom plan ended up coming out to only $2.66/month for refills! 

If you’re curious, Athena Club also offers a ton of other quality products, like 100% organic cotton tampons, a delightful natural deodorant, and even a daily probiotic. Everything is super affordable – this brand’s whole mission is to shirk the “pink tax” and make self-care accessible to all.  

Shaving Without Looking

Now, I’ve already told you what shaving is like for me: slow, painstaking, error-ridden. And that’s on a good day! (God forbid I’m in a rush… my shower could easily be mistaken for a crime scene.)

My first impressions of the Razor Kit as I unboxed it were cautiously optimistic. The packaging itself was super chic. The pink and blue tones were vibey, and the little notes printed on the cardboard made me feel good about myself. A glimmer of hope radiated in my chest as I stared at my new best frenemy. 

But I’d been fooled by cute packaging before! I needed to put this razor to the test and see if it actually performed.

I began my usual shaving day routine, which includes – of course – removing my glasses! Followed by a deep sugar scrub exfoliation, scalding water to make sure my follicles are loose (the science is still unclear on if this is actually a thing), and a thick layer of shaving cream.

And honestly? I had the easiest shave of my life.

The razor's five perfectly-spaced stainless steel blades caught every. Single. Hair. The built-in hyaluronic acid serum kept my legs hydrated both during AND after the shave. The silicone coating on the anodized aluminum handle meant my grip was secure and unwavering – and the head pivoted beautifully, meaning no nicks in places you didn’t even know you could get nicks.

Nothing to See Here, Folks

For the first time in a long time, my shower was a shower – not a bloodbath. 

I emerged unscathed, with the silky-smooth legs to prove it.

After slathering on some post-shave body lotion (Athena Club has one too!), I couldn’t help but sit on my bed and just feel my legs. No pain or irritation – the strawberry legs that I tend to get were nowhere to be seen. 

The real test though? Stepping outside and feeling the cool breeze on my legs. Those who tend to miss spots know exactly what I’m talking about – the wind tickling that one patch of hair you always seem to perfectly avoid.

Not this time. All I felt was smooth and confident.

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Hey, Four Eyes!

If, like so many others, you’ve been burned by too many razors to simply dive in leg-first, I understand! Especially if you have vision issues, it can be hard to trust that a razor will do its job and not maim you in the process.

Here are 4 more reasons Athena Club will steal your heart – and some space in your bathroom.

  1. High quality: Athena Club is all about making things that WORK. This means research, taking in feedback, and meticulously vetting and formulating each product.
  1. Backed by science: By incorporating studies, experts, and testing, you know that what they’re providing you is based in data for the most effective self-care.
  1. Earth-friendly: Because taking care of yourself feels good, but taking care of the earth while you do it feels even better. Everything is designed with the earth in mind.
  1. Better ingredients: Athena Club ensures every single ingredient included in their products serves a purpose – and you can read about all of them here.

The Clear Difference

If shaving has always been messy and difficult – or even if you’ve been blessed with a smooth track record! – Athena Club is the razor for you. It’s incredibly affordable, intuitive beyond belief, and leaves me smooth and pain-free. I’ve never gone into the shower feeling more at ease, and that’s a big deal! 

Want your own? The Razor Kit is only $10, and it's so good you can use it with your eyes closed.



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