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My Picky Dog Only Eats Ollie

January 13, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 60% off your first box plus a free bowl.

You know what they say: like owner, like pet. 

Perhaps if I didn’t have such discerning tastes myself, my dog Shortbread would be a more adventurous eater. Alas, she takes after me – she knows what she likes, and she sticks to it. Until, of course, she decides she doesn’t… and I have to start the cycle of finding a new acceptable food/flavor all over again.

In a word, it’s frustrating! I want her to enjoy what she’s eating, but I also want to make sure that she’s getting all her necessary nutrition and that her fur, skin, and nails are as healthy as possible. That sometimes seems like a very distant dream, as I’ll go to great lengths to identify the type of food she might like – only for her to take a few bites and then saunter away. 

Combine Shortbread’s finicky tastes with my not-unlimited budget – have you seen the prices from The Farmer’s Dog? – and we have a recipe for serious mealtime malaise.

If your dog is picky like mine, Ollie is your go-to solution for nutritious food your dog will actually want to eat!

Credit: @Ollie on Instagram

Going With Their Gut

Before we get into how amazing Ollie is for picky pups, it’s important to investigate what’s behind your dog’s pickiness, so you can best address it. With so many reasons behind picky eating – and so many ways it manifests – the issue can definitely be overwhelming. Make sure you’ve narrowed down the specific “why” for your furry friend. 

  • Taste: Animals have preferences too! It’s important to cater to what you know they like, and to test new flavors sparingly.
  • Texture sensitivity: Some dogs are sensitive to the texture of their food. Maybe it’s too wet, too dry, too chunky, or anything in between; identify what specifically your dog is reacting to.
  • Previous experiences: Just like humans, a negative experience can color certain types of food for dogs, causing hesitation or outright rejection.
  • Underlying problems: If the picky eating is unusual or sudden, it could be due to dental issues, gastrointestinal problems, and allergies.
  • Environmental factors: Stress, anxiety, and the environment can all impact a dog's appetite. Pets thrive on stability, so changes, even minor, can affect their desire to eat.

Personally, I’ve found it easier to figure out what my dog DOESN’T like, as opposed to what she DOES. For Shortbread, it’s a distaste for anything turkey and anything dry. When you’ve got a basis like that, it’s much easier to shop for food, especially when trying out a new brand.

So. We’ve nailed down WHAT our darling dog doesn’t like, and WHY they don’t like it. Now, it’s time for Ollie to take the stage…

Credit: Ollie

Ollie On Top

When you start looking into Ollie and how they personalize nutrition, you notice just how much they stand out from the pack. Here’s their highlight reel:

  • High-quality ingredients: Can you say “human-grade”? Crazy pet people all know that these are the two words that need to be on all their food. Ollie takes this claim seriously, sourcing real meats, vegetables, and fruits that are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients.
  • Expertise: These fetching formulations didn’t come about by chance. Ollie’s team of food experts has created nutritionally balanced recipes for all life stages with the support of vet nutritionists. Your dog is getting a well-rounded meal, and enjoying it, too!
  • Customized meal plans: When you sign up for Ollie, they have a detailed questionnaire regarding your canine. Age, breed, weight, activity level, and any specific dietary restrictions or allergies are all compiled to create a customized meal plan that exactly fits your dog's nutritional requirements. Plus…
  • Rotation of recipes: Variety is the spice of life, even for dogs. Often, picky eating habits are exacerbated by eating the same food day in and day out. So, meal plans include a variety of recipes to be rotated, keeping taste buds engaged and nutrition optimized.
  • Freshness and convenience: Made in small batches, the meals are delivered refrigerated (sans preservatives), proof of just how fresh they are. Open up your box, and you’ll discover how convenient the packaging is – packaged exactly according to the portion size your pup needs.
  • Taste, of course: The crux of it all! Your fussy eater can’t deny the science – in feeding studies, 86% of pet parents noticed mealtime enjoyment. In the end, 100% of dogs devoured Ollie fresh food (that means even Shortbread can’t say no!).

And let me tell you. Ollie delivers (weekly or monthly, depending on your preference)!

I decided to start my little furball off on the Fresh Chicken with Carrots recipe, cited as a great choice for picky eaters. Upon first placement of food in bowl, Shortbread was intrigued. The scent was enticing enough that it only took a couple seconds of sniffing before she took her first bite – that’s a record, by the way!

And once she tasted it? You couldn’t have pulled her away from her bowl if you tried. Suddenly, mealtime became an eager and enthusiastic event, with every last morsel licked clean. 

Now, that’s not to say she loved every combination that Ollie had to offer. I found that she turned her nose up at the Lamb with Cranberries recipe, and almost had a meltdown thinking she was back to her fussy ways. Luckily, Fresh Pork with Apples (another excellent choice for persnickety puppies) saved the day, and I added “Lamb” to Shortbread’s list of “Don’ts”.

Bonus: thanks to the perfectly balanced nutrients, I’ve noticed Shortbread seems more energetic, her coat looks shinier, and her breath even smells better! 

Credit: @Ollie on Instagram

From the Mouths of Pups

As you may well know, dogs don’t respond to any forms of bribery, so they’ll always tell the whole tail-wagging truth about what they’re eating. Read the opinions of some satisfied pooches below (lovingly translated by their owners, of course).

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Credit: @Ollie on Instagram

More Ollie Options

Maybe an all fresh-food diet isn’t feasible for your pet – whether it’s dietary restrictions, or budget-based. Lucky for you (and all of us, really), Ollie has plenty more to offer!

  1. Baked Food: If you’re looking for some variety, or your dog simply loves the crunch, Ollie specializes in kibble, too. Their dry food is gently-baked and human-grade, for optimal nutrition and taste factor. Try their Baked Chicken with Carrots for a meal packed with antioxidants and fiber, or their Baked Beef with Sweet Potatoes for nutrients suitable for puppies of all ages.
  1. Dog Treats: The ultimate in pampering. Ollie treats come in strips for goodies that still pack a hearty punch. Discover what your pup likes best – with options like Beef and Sweet Potato Jerky Strips, Chicken and Apple Jerky Strips, and Sweet Potato Slices.
  1. Dog Supplements: Does your dog need a little TLC? Ollie has supplements that are all-natural and scientifically formulated for the best in nutritional support. These little chews come in Probiotic Supplement, Hip & Joint Supplement, and Calming Supplement to cover all your bases.

From Fussy to Feasting

At the end of the day, if Shortbread is happy, I’m happy. And I’d say she’s nothing short of ecstatic. 

Personalized plans, delicious options, and human-grade nutrition all come together to form a pet food company that I whole-heartedly recommend to all my fellow dog parents – because there’s no doubt in my mind that their dogs will gobble it up, too.

Ready to have a Michelin-star pet restaurant in your fridge? Get 50% off your first box when you order today!



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