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My Knees Hated Stairs — Until I Found Healthycell

March 13, 2024
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If you had asked me at 25 what I thought might be the most challenging thing about getting older, I probably would have said something insightful like, “Making sure my family is taken care of,” or “Admitting that I wasn’t just ‘resting my eyes.’” And I would have been so, so wrong.

Because the real answer is stairs. And not even full flights of stairs, I’m talking about the handful of steps I have to take to get from my driveway into my house. With my knees beat up from years of bending, kneeling, and squatting at work, those stairs have become the bane of my existence.

After trying everything I could get my hands on to help, I was about ready to give up and resign myself to a life of knee discomfort – until I found Healthycell’s Joint Health & Mobility Microgels. They helped me get back on my feet (quite literally) and reclaim the mobility I thought I was never getting back. 

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  • Joint Health & Mobility microgels combine the equivalent of 11 pills into a single pack.
  • They target three key areas of joint health: Connective tissue, joint lubrication & joint irritation 
  • The Microgel format allows for 165% better absorption and a 144% higher max nutrient level than traditional pills
  • They helped me stop fearing the stairs and get back on my feet!


  • While I loved the orange flavor, it is the only one available which is a bummer if it’s not your favorite.
  • The sticker shock can be a little scary, but you can subscribe to save (and it’s also cheaper than ordering all of the pills individually).

What You Knee-d To Know About Pills

I made it to retirement by the skin of my teeth. In my last few years at work, I was popping Advil like they were Tic Tacs – something my doctor made me promise to give up as soon as I could.

Once I was done working (and taking Advil), I felt myself slowing down more than I had ever imagined. My aching knees were keeping me couchbound – fine for the first couple of weeks, but then I got restless and depressed at the thought of spending my whole retirement like this.

So, I started experimenting with a range of different joint supplements. Unfortunately, nothing fully did the job. And since I was stuck on the couch, I dove deeper into my research about the efficacy of supplements. What I learned shocked me: the problem was pills; not the ingredients themselves, but the format they come in.

It turns out, your body doesn’t always absorb all the nutrients in pills, so you aren’t actually getting the full benefit when you take them. Healthycell’s microgels absorb *165% better* than pills – so you’re actually getting the maximum benefits of all those ingredients. Each daily packet combines the equivalent of 11 pills (3,270mg) into a single serving. Plus, the natural orange flavor of these gels are far tastier than any pills I’ve ever tried!

Why Does Healthycell Work?

In addition to being just downright more effective than regular pills, Healthycell’s Joint Health & Mobility tackles joint problems from three different directions: connective tissue support, joint lubrication, and reducing irritation.

Connective tissue — Think cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. These bits provide support, stability, and flexibility and help our joints keep moving the way they’re supposed to. And the Collagen, Chondroitin, and Glucosamine in your Joint Health & Mobility gels help keep them healthy.

Joint lubrication — Joints are, essentially, hinges. And while we can’t just shoot WD-40 into our knees, we can provide them with the actual ingredients they need to stay lubricated. On this end, Joint Health & Mobility provides Hyaluronic Acid to help support joint lubrication and cushioning.

Joint irritation — Irritation and inflammation are often major causes of achy joints. And chronic inflammation can cause your cartilage to breakdown, resulting in stiffness, pain, and reduced mobility. The Curcumin, Bioperine, and Omega-3 in Joint Health & Mobility help soothe joint irritation to keep you moving around.

Stair-ing Down Retirement

Once I started taking Healthycell’s Joint Health & Mobility microgels, it didn’t take long for me to be able to get up off the couch and back into enjoying my retirement, stairs or no stairs. I’m spending time in my woodshop again, going out with my wife, even chasing my grandkids around! And it’s all thanks to Healthycell.

If you’re ready to give your joints the Healthycell treatment, you can grab their Joint Health & Mobility supplements for yourself for just $58.46 per month when you subscribe.

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Get early access to exclusive deals, editors' picks, and new launches.
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