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My First Set of Grown-Up Pans

May 29, 2024
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Editor’s note: If you’re looking for healthy, PFAS-free cookware, GreenPan’s Nova set is your best bet. And right now you can get it for 10% off with code: PRIMARY10

I’ve officially moved into my first apartment post-college – holding for applause – and I’ve been having fun creating a space that really suits me

I started with the kitchen, my favorite room. I’ve been cooking and baking all my life, and now I get to do it on my own terms. No more family members getting in the way, subpar utensils, or toxic cookware. Yup, my parents have been using the same beat-up Teflon pans for decades now – they’ve either never heard of “forever chemicals” or don’t care about them.

So, as soon as I could choose my own pans, I knew exactly what I would purchase (because they caught my eye as soon as they were released): GreenPan’s Ceramic Nonstick Nova Collection.

New Home = New Standards

I’ve had a bit of a toxic (haha) history with the family pans. Even the ones that have been in use for years would chip, burn, and flake away into our food. Once I started to learn about the toxins in most non-stick pans, I would try to educate my parents, but they’re of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset.

Armed with the power of choice, I began doing some research into the world of non-toxic pans. And GreenPan, the original ceramic, always came out on top. I became particularly obsessed with their Nova Collection. With sets of up to 10 pieces and four different colors to choose from, it’s exactly the level of customizable I was looking for.

Plus, if you’re setting up a new living space like me, the 10-piece set covers all your needs (2 frypans, 3 pots with lids, silicone utensils, pan protectors, and a special sponge) – no need to scramble to the store for additional pots that end up ruining a carefully curated aesthetic.

Other highlights of this collection:

  • Only $299.99 – uber affordable for those just moving out.
  • Stainless steel handles for a chic aesthetic.
  • Dishwasher safe and oven safe – perfect for a baker like me.
  • Quick-heating aluminum – patience is not my middle name.
  • Designed to work on all cooktops – so it works in any living space.
Credit: GreenPan

My Kitchen Evolution

These babies do. Not. Disappoint!

Appearance-wise, the Novas are super chic. I don’t even mind leaving these pans out on the stovetop, because they look so good! (Btw – I snagged the Ocean color, but their Coral is just as dreamy. They also have a Clay, if you’re more into neutrals.)

Cooking-wise, they rival even our generations-old family wok. They’re perfectly nonstick, heat like a dream, and give me an even sear or gentle simmer or golden skillet cookie – in just one pan. Plus, I love that I have options with the 10 pieces. I can cook a full entree and sides and still have a pan or two leftover to whip up a late-night snack if desired (and it always is).

Maintenance-wise, these definitely require a little extra work. Although they’re dishwasher safe – which saves me in a pinch – the best way to clean them is with warm water and a soft sponge. However, the diamond-infused ceramic coating makes it very easy to wipe away most residue. They’re also so well-made and durable. I’ve put them through rigorous recipe-testing – and they’ve held up beautifully, no chips or dings in sight. My old beat-up Teflons could never!

Act Your Age

These pans were one of the biggest purchases for my new apartment, and I’m so glad I invested in them. Needless to say, I’m cooking dinner for my housewarming party.  Ready to upgrade your cooking space? The Nova Collection is just $299.99, plus 10% off with code PRIMARY10!

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