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My Deep Dive into CBD Bliss

February 24, 2024
At Primary Goods, we have an independent selection process & only review what we fully endorse. If you buy a product via our links, we may earn a commission.

Navigating the maze of hemp-based products can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack—especially when your first experience is less fireworks and more fizz-out, thanks to some low-quality brand. I’ve been there, rolling my eyes when someone says, “Hemp just doesn’t vibe with me,” because, let's be real, they probably snagged the cheapest thing on the shelf. Enter Beam: the game-changer aiming to elevate your hemp experience with top-notch, THC-free goodies and a splash of education on the side. My mission? To see if Beam could live up to its hype.

Why Beam Stands Out

Beam's formula is like the secret sauce to your wellness routine—natural ingredients, third-party testing for peace of mind, and absolutely no THC in sight. They’re on a mission to craft the crème de la crème of supplements for the health-and-wellness scene, promising to evolve right alongside their consumers' needs.

Whether you’re a hemp aficionado or a curious newbie, Beam wraps you in a comforting embrace, guiding you through a world often shrouded in mystery and misconceptions.

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  • Pure, THC-free goodness with the quality stamp of third-party testing
  • Tailored formulas for focus, recovery, balance, and those much-needed ZZZs
  • Sampler packs for the commitment-phobes (aka a test drive for your body)


  • Dream powder fans, hope you like chocolate because that's all you're getting
  • Competitive pricing for CBD, but it's still CBD pricing

Wellness, Amplified

Beam isn't just about selling you a product; they want you to know the ins and outs—what it is, how it hugs your body in all the right ways, and the best way to incorporate it into your daily grind. Their star player is a naturally occurring essential oil from hemp that dances with your body's endocannabinoid system, regulating everything from mood swings to muscle recovery.

Their THC-free promise means all the chill without the high, thanks to their proprietary extraction method and rigorous third-party testing.

Think of Beam as the wellness buddy you never knew you needed, offering a holistic, non-toxic approach to feeling fabulous every day.

The Goods: A 90-Day Testament

I embarked on a 90-day Beam exploration, diving headfirst into their Focus capsules, Dream capsules and powder, and Revive capsules. Here’s the lowdown:

Beam's Dream Powder: My Nightly Ritual

Imagine tucking into a mug of healthy hot chocolate that not only satisfies those late-night cravings but also lulls you into the sweetest slumber. That’s Beam’s Dream Powder for you. Pro tip: Whip it up with a frother for an extra frothy treat.

Beam's Focus Capsules: My Secret Weapon

For those days when my brain feels like it's running on Windows 95, Beam's Focus capsules come to the rescue. They're my go-to for a natural boost without the caffeine jitters.

Beam's Dream Capsules: My Snooze Button

On nights when my brain is buzzing, two Dream capsules are my ticket to dreamland, ensuring I wake up feeling like a million bucks, ready to take on the world.

Beam's Revive Capsules: My Recovery Sidekick

Post-workout or on those days when my body is just screaming for a break, the Revive capsules are my go-to for soothing those aches and keeping inflammation at bay.

To Beam or Not to Beam?

After three months of Beam, I'm a believer. Whether it's winding down with their Dream collection or giving my day a kickstart with Focus, Beam has carved out a permanent spot in my wellness toolkit. If you're on the fence, dive in and give Beam a try—your body will thank you.

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