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My Big Friend Uses Litter Genie: An Honest Cat's Review

January 14, 2024
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By Decibel the Cat

I don’t get much writing done, as I am a cat, and my chief interests include sleeping and occasionally playing with a stuffed bird. But when my Big Friend changed my litter cleanup game with a nifty new gadget, I felt compelled to put pen to paper and tell the world about it. 

My Big Friend generally does a pretty good job taking care of me – with basic necessities like food, playtime, and ample sunbeams, she pretty much kills it. There is one arena where she was somewhat lacking though: cleaning my litterbox

She wasn’t scooping up and throwing out my poop and pee on a daily basis; it was more like every other day. Look – I’m a distinguished gentleman! I don’t like using the restroom on top of where I’ve already gone! Unfortunately, my meows could not properly communicate my dissatisfaction. So I’ll be honest: I peed on her curtains. It simply had to be done.

I Get What I Want

My Big Friend clearly took me urinating outside of my litterboxes as a cue (heh heh, I love when I can outsmart her), because the very next week, there was a shiny new obelisk placed near one of them. She called it the Litter Genie, and she said it was going to change her life

Behold, the obelisk. Credit:

It was grey, and at first I thought it looked just like a glorified trash can. But when I inspected it more closely, I saw that it had a few cool features:

  1. Included scoop. It helps that there’s a little holder on the side so that the scoop is always easily on hand. My Big Friend seemed to appreciate this, too.
This is the piece of plastic that blocks the scent and also allows the waste to fall down into the body of the bin when you pull it out. As a cat, I have only a cursory understanding of engineering and physics but I’m still impressed.

  1. Scent trapping. If you see the protruding piece of black plastic on the front, you pull that out to allow the waste to fall all the way into the bottom of the trash bin – this prevents the odors of the waste from emanating out into the air!
This is the slicer thing – I believe that is its official name – that you use to cut the full bag off from the top. 

  1. Long-lasting bag refill. Rather than having to use a new trash bag every time you empty it, you just keep pulling the bag out from the top until it runs out. Once the pail is full, you slice the bag using the provided slicer on the inside of the can, pull down more bag, and tie off the bottom. I overheard her say that a single refill lasts up to 10 weeks!
I am finally being treated like a king. I am at peace.

The Bathroom Experience of My Dreams

Ever since my Big Friend got the Litter Genie in the mail, she’s been scooping my boxes daily. And since I keep such a careful eye on her, I’ve noticed that she only has to take out the full bag once a week. She used to be going up and down stairs to the trash every single time she scooped. Which seemed tiresome and time consuming! 

The Litter Genie is a simple yet ingenious device. It seems to have changed my Big Friend’s life for the better, and it’s certainly changed mine. I have a clean bathroom at all times, and everything just smells a whole lot nicer. I recommend the Litter Genie to anyone who wants easy litterbox cleanup and a perfectly satisfied cat.

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