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Can Ollie Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan? Here’s the Scoop

January 29, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 50% off your first box!

There’s no way around it: I have a senior dog.

As much as I hate to admit it, Oscar is getting up there in years. He’s a tiny chihuahua and, at 12 years old, is solidly in the “elderly” category.

After all the love and fun he’s brought into my life, I know that the least I can do for him is to feed him damn good food. That’s why, two years ago, I started him on Ollie – and I haven’t looked back.

If you’re looking for a healthy fresh food that supports an aging dog’s needs, definitely check out Ollie!

Credit: Ollie

Some Crucial Stats

As dogs age, they become more susceptible to health issues. There’s the potential for obesity, since senior dogs tend to have less energy and range of motion, making them more sedentary. 

Then, there’s the regular stuff that affects humans, too: dogs often suffer (and die) from cardiovascular disease, cancer, and cognitive impairment. Even the healthiest older dogs can develop hypertension and orthopedic issues.

So how can you keep your pup as healthy as possible? It’s all about diet!

And according to this very dense study that I will TL;DR for you: feeding your dog fresh food is linked to a potential 20% increase in life expectancy!

When I first read that, I knew I needed to investigate fresh food ASAP. And that’s where Ollie comes in – providing the highest-quality nutrition to keep dogs healthy, longer.

What’s Special About Ollie?

Ollie’s philosophy is that dogs deserve to live a long, full life – and they make fresh, human-grade, vet-approved food to help make that a certainty.

Here are just a few ways that Ollie does right by pups:

  • Premium ingredients: Clean, human-grade ingredients without the junky byproducts – just meat, carbs, healthy fats, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and superfoods.
  • Better kitchens: Everything is gently cooked in human-grade kitchens at low temperatures, so nutrients are locked in at their peak. Plus, fulfillment centers are FDA-registered for safety and cleanliness.
  • Customized plans: All meal plans are tailored to your dog’s needs – factoring in age, weight, activity level, and any health issues.
  • Flavor: Real food tastes great, which means even picky pups have no problems eating it. And Ollie achieves this without flavor additives! 
  • Vet-approved: All recipes are designed with vet nutritionists, and their “highly digestible” classification means that more nutrition is being delivered than in your typical kibble. 
  • Transparency: Ollie’s food meets AAFCO nutrition standards for all dog life stages, and also exceeds all FDA and USDA standards for human-grade food manufacturing.

By the way, your pup doesn’t need to be a senior to start eating Ollie. Anytime is a great time to start caring for your dog’s long term health!

Honestly, I Was Shocked…

Ever since I started Oscar on his Ollie journey, the difference has been MAJOR. 

His energy is puppy-level – something I never thought would be possible again. His eyes also look clearer! He’s stopped shedding as much! And finally, he is actually enjoying his food so much he licks the bowl clean! That last one fills my dog-mom heart with pride and relief.

I’ve known plenty of old dogs in my life, and I know how they act. But whenever people interact with my Oscar, they’re shocked to hear he’s over 10 years old. And I know that means that he’ll be his happy, young-at-heart self for years to come.

Loved By Thousands of Dogs

I’m not the only one who decided to make this dietary change a little later than I should’ve. Check out some 5-star reviews from devoted Ollie customers and their elderly pooches!

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If you’re looking to make a big difference in your pup’s quality of life – and enjoy more time together – I truly can’t recommend Ollie enough.

You can get started on your dog’s new meal plan by taking Ollie’s quiz – and get 50% off your first box!



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