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I'm a Calmer, More Present Parent — Thanks to This Supplement

March 28, 2024
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Mom life is a freakin’ WHIRLWIND. 

Now that my twin boys are in daycare, I’ve stepped back into the workforce – and between the kids, the job, taking care of the house, and managing my ADULT child (I love my dear husband but he is addicted to leaving his socks all over the place), I feel scattered. But the worst part? My daily stress is making me miss out on some of the best moments of my kids’ lives. When I grab them from daycare and bring them home, I need to immediately check out. (TikTok isn’t just for Gen Z!)

But then I tried a drug-free way to manage my stress, and everything changed. Read on to find out how Healthycell’s Calm Mood supplement helped me check back in and be more present for my kids.

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  • Natural Berry Lemon flavor
  • 165% better absorption than pills
  • Results you can feel
  • 663 mg of nutrients in every pack
  • Recyclable packs
  • More balanced stress levels
  • Physician & nutritionist formulated
  • Non-drowsy


  • A bit pricey – but not when you consider how many bottles of pills you’d have to buy every month to get the same effect
  • Contains 5HTP, which can interact with SSRIs. Talk to your doctor first if that’s you!

Sweet, Instant Relief

Even though my therapist tells me I’m entitled to be cranky due to my insanely busy life, I felt like I needed something to stop me from being the literal worst version of myself. Seriously – the other day, my kid was asking “why is Mommy always mad?” And that sucks. I should be a cool mom. A fun mom! After all, I was in a band in college. So I started taking these little gel packs from Healthycell.

My first time trying it was in that rare moment of quiet before the house wakes up… and I immediately felt a change. Possibly the first time I felt chill since I saw my positive pregnancy test. Normally, terrified of the day to come, I’d end up 40 videos deep on TikTok by the time I had to get the boys up and dressed, leaving me nary a second to shower or pick out matching socks. But with the extra sense of serenity from the Calm Mood gels, I was able to take a deep breath, drink a hearty gulp of coffee, and reset my mindset so that I could actually step into that shower. Which went a long way towards helping boost my mood, too. 

Why They Work

To be frank, I don’t care what’s in these puppies. I just care that they work, which they do. But some people DO care, so here ya go. They’ve got: 

  • Ashwagandha, L-Theanine, and Magnesium for relieving stress
  • 5HTP and GABA for supporting serotonin levels
  • Saffron Extract and B Vitamins for supporting dopamine levels

For the uninitiated, serotonin and dopamine are neurotransmitters that humans produce naturally, that have an impact on mood regulation. Only problem is, being stressed can make it so that we make less of these key neurotransmitters.

What do they actually do? Very basically, more serotonin = better mood and emotional resilience (i.e., how well you can handle tough situations). Dopamine’s a little different in that it’s the neurotransmitter that gives us a sense of contentment and pleasure, and these types of feelings give us an overall sense of happiness. The ingredients in these gels can help you regulate your serotonin and dopamine levels, so you feel like the best version of you. 

Life With Calm Mood

It’s not perfect. It’s never going to be perfect. But now, when my artsy kid shows me his weirdly accurate rendition of his great grandmother who he’s never met, I take the time to ask him how he learned to draw so realistically rather than simply grunting and telling him he has to put away his crayons. And isn’t that what life’s all about? 

Want to connect with the people in your life more? Try this non-drowsy mood supporting supplement, and save when you subscribe – only $53.96/month!

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Get early access to exclusive deals, editors' picks, and new launches.
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