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I Tried an Insane New Mushroom Coffee Alternative – and I’m Hooked

July 19, 2024
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If you’re someone who depends on a boost of caffeine in the morning (and spends any time on social media), then you’ve definitely heard of mushroom coffee.

Maybe you’ve even been through the wringer with it, like I have. Companies like Laird, Clevr, MUD/WTR, and Renude have all received brief patronage from me. But it always winds up the same – whether that be an unpleasant flavor, an ineffective dose of caffeine, or a price tag that doesn’t match the effects. 

Then, I stumbled across Pique’s Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative: Nandaka. Promising calm, even energy (a big change from coffee!), an activated metabolism, mood support, and a balanced stress response, I knew I had to try it. Read on for my honest review!

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  • Delicious ceremonial-grade cacao flavor
  • Packed with concentrated adaptogens and functional mushrooms extracts
  • Slow release caffeine (82 mg)
  • Comes with free Starter Pack
  • For energy, metabolism, mood, and immune support
  • Only the finest ingredients sourced from around the world


  • Pricier than other options
  • Leaves behind a lot of sediment
  • Takes a while for long-term effects

Adapting to Something New

With so many similar products on the market, first impressions are important! So how did this one do?  

When I received my box, I was immediately charmed by the little goodies included with Nandaka, including a rechargeable frother and an adorable beaker to do all my mixing in. The process was also very straightforward: pour a packet in, add hot water, froth, and drink. Any sediment at the bottom of your cup can be disposed of.

Generally, mushroom coffees can be hit or miss when it comes to taste, and I was bracing for an unpleasant grittiness… but this was actually delightful. Although it didn’t taste like coffee – more like a cross between chai and a spiced hot chocolate, thanks to the combo of the ceremonial cacao and rich spices. Yum! 

Besides tasting great, I also felt pretty great after drinking it. Nandaka contains a bit less caffeine than your typical cup of coffee – 82 mg – but I felt a steady energy all day, with neither jitters nor slumps. It’s more than typical coffee alternatives, like Ryze with 48 mg or Everyday Doze with 39 mg, but using fermented Pu’er teas actually makes this caffeine slow-release!

Within an hour, I felt focused, elevated, and energized. I can’t say for sure whether my mood was boosted from the adaptogens or I was just having a good day, but overall, I felt amazing!

Drinking Up The Benefits

Now, I’ve officially finished off my first box – a 28-day supply – and I’ve reached a verdict: I’m a Nandaka convert. There’s no going back.

I alternate between making a hot latte and enjoying it over ice, which is such a refreshing treat. Not only has my energy been cleaner (see the no jitters, no crash above), but I’ve been calmer overall. Usually work stress has me frazzled by the end of the day, but now I leave my job feeling calm and productive. This balanced mood lasts me throughout the evening, too, so I can really enjoy quality time with my family and friends.

Plus, the boost to my metabolism from the Ceremonial Peruvian high-fat cacao has been undeniable. Typically, my metabolism is sluggish and I’m prone to bloating. But with Nandaka, I’m experiencing significantly less bloat and discomfort – and I’ve been able to maintain a consistent weight for the first time in a while. I’m so excited to keep drinking this everyday and feeling the more long-term effects.

I’ve started craving Nandaka every morning, in a way I never did coffee. Before, my morning drink was a necessity to get through the day. Now, it’s something I look forward to, knowing that it’s not only delicious but highly beneficial to my body and mind.

Credit: @PiqueLife on Instagram

A Premium Experience

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the price point is definitely premium. Where other mushroom coffees usually run under $2/serving, Pique is serving adaptogens at a hefty $4.57. But there are a few things you have to take into consideration:

  1. $4.57 is about the price of a basic drip coffee at your local spot – and way less than a grande vanilla latté (my former daily indulgence). When you put it like that, it sounds more reasonable – and artisanal.
  1. This mix is made up of the highest quality ingredients you can find: ceremonial cacao, sourced from the Andes in Peru; functional mushrooms from Wuyi Mountains in China; Himalayan fermented Pu’er, and Ayurvedic warming spices. Pique always aims to be best-in-class with the right dosage of ingredients that really work. And that doesn’t come cheap!
    P.S. For our mycologists out there, the functional mushroom extracts used are in higher concentration and volume of fruiting extracts, not mycelium or myceliated growth substrates and grains. This provides the requisite phytocompounds that deliver huge benefits.
  1. Nandaka is much more than just a coffee alternative. It’s a superfood, a ritual, a lifestyle. We’re not just getting our energy boost for the day. We’re also elevating our mood, activating our metabolism, and balancing our stress.

If you’re looking for real change, and you can afford this, Nandaka is absolutely worth the try.

Start a New Ritual

I know it’s only been a month, but I can’t imagine my life without this mushroom coffee. If you’re ready to ditch the jitters, you need to try Pique’s Nandaka Adaptogenic Coffee Alternative – and get 15% off when you subscribe!

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