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I Tracked My Sleep To Find Out If Healthycell Really Works

December 14, 2023
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Some people will happily spend thousands of dollars and countless hours fine-tuning their wellness routines in a never-ending quest to “optimize” their health. 

But that’s not me! I’m just a regular person who loves to sleep – and wants an easy solution to getting good zzz’s.

So when I started noticing, about a year ago, that I was ALWAYS TIRED – despite going to bed early, exercising regularly, not eating within 3 hours of bedtime, popping melatonin, etc – I took action and began tracking my sleep using my watch. And sure enough? The data revealed that I wasn’t getting the deep, high-quality sleep I needed. 

Luckily, I didn’t have to do tons of expensive trial and error or make any crazy lifestyle changes; I quickly found something that actually works:

Healthycell's REM Sleep Microgels. I took these for a week and monitored my sleep score – and saw huge improvement!

What Is Sleep Tracking?

Before we dive into how Healthycell saved my sleep, I think it’s important to cover what sleep tracking is. If you’re already in the know, feel free to skip down to my before & after scores!

Sleep tracking has been having a bit of a moment, as wearable devices that monitor your biological data become increasingly popular. Even your phone can provide some basic info on how much you sleep each night. (Although that means having your phone near your bed – “Bad sleep hygiene!” But I digress…)

The watch that I wear tracks my heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, and body movement to find out when I fall asleep, when I wake up, and what sleep stages I pass through during the night. It combines all of this into a holistic sleep score out of 100 that serves as a general indicator of sleep quality. The higher the score, the better I slept.

When I tracked my average sleep score across a week before I started taking Healthycell’s REM Sleep Microgels, I was hitting a restless 47. During my first week taking Healthycell, that average almost doubled to 82!

Putting Healthycell To The Test

I just want to reiterate that I am an impatient person when it comes to anything health and wellness. I decided to do a two-week test – tracking my sleep for one week without Healthycell, and then one week with Healthycell. If these gels didn’t do their thing in a week, I was out.

In order to make it a legit test, I committed to following the same regimen both before and after trying the product, so there wouldn’t be any variables.

This meant that I would be:

1.   Going to bed at 10 pm every night
2.   Waking up at 8 am every morning
3.   Getting at least 1 hour of exercise every day
4.   Avoiding food and alcohol within 3 hours of going to bed
5.   Avoiding blue light (screens) within 1 hour of going to bed

The results? Honestly shocking. The image below is the breakdown of my best night’s sleep in the week without Healthycell.

The absolute best night of sleep I got all on my own was a 53. For the record, this is a poor night’s sleep. 

While I technically got enough sleep time, pay attention here to the rapid switching between Awake, Deep, and Light sleep at the beginning of the night and then the large chunks of Light sleep towards the end. 

These are all signs of a fitful night’s sleep. What you want to see is a more gradual cycling through of the various stages, with Light sleep giving way to REM sleep.

For comparison, here’s my best night with Healthycell:

This is what you want to see. Not only was I staying asleep well throughout the night, but I was cycling properly through Deep, Light, and REM sleep over the course of the night.

I can personally confirm that I felt great the next morning. I woke up feeling more rested than I had in ages. And while this was the best night of sleep I had while taking Healthycell, it wasn’t by much. My average across the entire week was an incredible 82/100. 

All in all, I’d call the experiment a massive success. After just one week, Healthycell’s REM Sleep Microgels had almost doubled my sleep quality, and it’s a difference I’m still feeling today.

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If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose

Many factors contribute to getting a good night’s sleep. Exercise, diet, and a generally healthy routine help – but when it comes down to it, your body needs to be doing its part. 

And that’s where Healthycell’s REM Sleep MicroGels step in. Each gel pack contains over 2,384mg of sleep-supporting nutrients (the equivalent of 7 different pills) all packed into a delivery system that offers 165% better absorption and a 144% higher maximum nutrient level than regular pills.

And they’re designed to support the 4 essential aspects of sleep:

  1. Falling asleep - Melatonin, lemon balm extract, and GABA help your body and brain relax as you transition into sleep.
  2. Lowering your body temperature - As you pass into the second stage of sleep, the combo of glycine, magnesium, and calcium help your body lower its core temperature – essential for high-quality, restful sleep.
  3. Staying asleep - The third stage is the deepest – your blood pressure and breathing slow, and your muscles relax. L-theanine, and vitamin B6 help make sure you maintain this state throughout the night, so you’ll wake up refreshed.
  4. Achieving REM Sleep - REM is where your brain becomes active again and dreaming occurs. Getting enough REM sleep helps with learning, memory, and emotional processing; ingredients like 5HTP, vitamin B6, and GABA help you hit this crucial stage.

You don’t need to memorize these 4 sleep stages or think about them ever again. Basically, if you’re struggling with getting the rest you need, just try Healthycell – your sleep score data will speak for itself! You’ll be sleeping better, and feeling more refreshed, in no time.



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