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I Healed My Shaving Trauma with Athena Club

March 11, 2024
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My distrust of razors can be traced back to one cursed night, almost two decades ago.

(If you want to skip the grim details and head straight to the happy ending, check out the only razor that doesn’t cause me physical and psychological damage: Athena Club.)

Let me paint you a picture. I’m 16, it’s prom night, and I’ve got the cutest dress you’ve ever seen hanging from my closet door. (Shoutout to mid-2000’s-era BCBG.) It’s short – and that means I need some gleaming, clean-shaven legs.

I’m just finishing up my makeup when I hear the doorbell ring. Is that Aaron? He’s half an hour early! And I haven’t shaved yet!

I do the unthinkable. I grab my trusty old Schick and hurriedly shave my dry legs – no time for a shower or shaving cream; I can’t possibly keep this 16-year-old boy waiting even one minute! I end up cutting my shin SO badly – I’m talking layers of skin, gone – and bleeding all over my bathroom.

I still have a scar, 18 years later. And the pictures of me with an enormous bandage plastered across my leg as Aaron stands at an awkward distance? Those will live forever.

So that’s my shaving trauma! You can understand my hesitation, even now, when it comes to any razor claiming to be “the best.” It all seems like marketing fluff, and I see right through it.

But I’m so glad I took a random chance on this brand called Athena Club, because it’s honestly the first and only razor to give me a perfect, smooth shave – and it's cheaper than therapy.

A Razor I Can Actually Trust

First things first, let’s discuss Athena Club. What is it? Why do I need it? How come no one told me about this earlier?

At its core, Athena Club is a subscription-based razor company. They make some of the best razors on the market – razor heads infused with hyaluronic acid, five stainless steel blades, an anodized aluminum handle built to last, and a silicone coating to improve grip. And, since it’s a subscription, blade refills come exactly when you need them. No more running out or having to use your blades past their ideal sharpness.

The best thing, though? No pink tax. 

Every single one of Athena Club’s items is made to be affordable and accessible, so everyone can get the quality essentials they deserve.

At the end of the day, these are the factors that, combined, convinced me that maybe not all razors are bad. Maybe this one wouldn’t hurt me. So I ordered myself a Razor Kit, and hoped for the best.

Smooth AF

Upon first glance at the Athena Club package that lay before me, I allowed myself to feel a bit of optimism. The packaging was cute, with an emphasis on sustainability, and the razor looked and felt luxe – something I’d be proud to hang on my shower wall. But then the scar on my shin throbbed a bit, and I returned to my skepticism.

I prepared in the shower like a medieval woman about to be hanged – resigned and plodding. I did my due diligence, with nice steamy water and a sugar scrub exfoliation to remove dead skin. I lathered up with some moisturizing shaving foam, and went to town.

And then… it was over. No blood, no stinging cuts. In fact, it was the fastest I had ever shaved since rushing through for Aaron that fateful night, simply because it was so easy to shave with Athena Club.

I stepped out of the shower to look at my work. Not only was the shave super thorough, no random spots remaining, my legs looked supple and hydrated. Strawberry legs, ingrowns, and razor burns – nowhere in sight. Just smooth, hairless goodness.

I may not be able to go back and change my 16-year-old decisions, but I can make sure to break the cycle of crappy shaves. And I choose to do it with Athena Club.

5-Star Reviews

And I’m not the only one still feeling the burn from a high school sweetheart. Here are some reviews from people who have also made a change for the better.

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Get a Better Shave

My scar will probably never fully heal, but my shaving trauma is definitely on the upswing. Now that I have Athena Club in my life, I no longer have to worry about the pain that drugstore razors can cause – I know the Razor Kit has my back.

Ready to get your own? It’s the easiest subscription ever – and the Razor Kit only costs $10.



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