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I Don’t Have Kids – So My Dog Gets All My Attention (and The Best Food Ever)

May 9, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 50% off your first box!

Like more and more people in our generation, my partner and I have chosen not to have kids. It wasn’t a complicated or agonizing decision – we just both felt that children weren’t part of our life plan. 

But we love being dog parents! We spoil our pup Bear like he’s a tiny French prince, lavishing him with endless cuddles, adventures, toys, and of course, the very best food that money can buy: Ollie. Read on to find out why we’ll never cancel our subscription.

Ollie brings all the pups to the yard

Calling All Cutie Pies

We started looking into Ollie after we learned that the kibble we were feeding our sweet boy was basically the dog-food equivalent of fast food. 

We felt so guilty and embarrassed for not knowing this beforehand, but why would we? We trusted the dry food’s “premium” label and promise of quality. But now, I feel like I have to do a little PSA to my fellow dog moms and dads out there – most kibble is overly processed and contains nasty stuff like preservatives, fillers, and “meal” (which can include blood, hair, hides, manure, and more). 

Ollie provides a refreshing alternative: human-grade dog food designed with veterinarian nutritionists, customized to your dog’s individual needs. Each recipe is packed with real, identifiable ingredients like beef, chicken, spinach, and sweet potatoes – and exceeds the AAFCO requirements for all life stages! You just take their quiz, enter in your dog’s info and preferences, and they’ll send perfectly-tailored meals straight to your home.

Okay, PSA over! Wondering what meal plan is right for your fur babe? Let’s review…

Credit: Ollie

Fresh? Baked? All of The Above?

Fresh food is pretty much Ollie’s bread and butter, and what you might know them for. Their chef-quality recipes include Fresh Turkey With Blueberries, Fresh Chicken With Carrots, Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes, Fresh Pork With Apples, and Fresh Lamb With Cranberries. 

But because Bear was used to the crunch of kibble, we decided to go with Ollie’s Mixed Food Plan – which includes both fresh and baked food. How is “baked food” different from run-of-the-mill kibble, you ask? Ollie’s version is gently cooked in small batches at low temperatures, to lock in nutrients at their peak. (Most kibble is mass-produced and cooked at high temperatures, diminishing the ingredients’ nutritional value.) Also, unlike traditional kibble, Ollie’s baked food contains ZERO preservatives or harmful fillers. 

Anecdotally, Bear loves alternating between the Baked Chicken With Carrots one day and the Fresh Beef With Sweet Potatoes the next. He’s a boy with particular tastes, and who am I to deny him? Especially when he literally SMILES after licking his Ollie bowl clean, like this: 

Better Health, Longer Life

We didn’t just choose Ollie for the variety and flavors; we also had specific health issues in mind. 

Bear’s breed mix (poodle and bichon) is prone to allergies, knee and hip dysplasia, and heart disease – just to name a few. Also, he had gotten a little chonky on his old kibble, and our vet was concerned his weight would lead to problems down the line. I personally logged countless hours researching food that would keep Bear healthy for the long-haul. And I felt encouraged by what I found in Ollie:

  • Heart-healthy and immunity-boosting ingredients. Just like people, dogs need diets rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients to stay healthy. All of Ollie’s recipes are packed full of human-grade superfoods, like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, omega-rich salmon oil, kale, and blueberries – which are good for their hearts, eyes, bones, and immune systems. Ollie also makes Immunity Chews, for extra protection!
  • Allergy-safe meals. Before Ollie, Bear was basically president of the Eye Goop Society. Our vet told us that allergens in his super-processed kibble (which contained everything but the kitchen sink) might be to blame! Luckily, Ollie’s meals are single-protein, making it easy to avoid specific allergies. Bear loves everything chicken and beef – and is now eye-goop and sneeze-free – so we’re staying with those recipes for life!  
  • Muscle and joint support. It’s important to know that the #1 ingredient in each Ollie recipe is meat – which dogs need to build muscle, stay agile well into their senior years, and maintain healthy digestion. I decided to add these Hip & Joint supplements to our subscription, since Bear is predisposed to those issues. Given that he’s still jumping on and off furniture and racing around like an Olympian, I’d say his joints are in tip top form!

And after we started him on Ollie, it was like a huge weight was lifted – literally! We no longer had to worry about him getting the right nutrition, and Bear magically (or not so magically) shed a couple pounds, arriving at a perfectly healthy weight for a dog of his small stature. 

Feeling Extra?

As we’ve established by now, we absolutely love to spoil our dog to the max. What’s wrong with that, especially when we only have so much time together on this earth? Bear is so important to us, and we’d do anything to keep him happy and healthy, for as long as possible. If you’re similarly obsessed with your dog-child and want to ensure they have the crème de la crème, Ollie is the way to go. 

And speaking of “extra,” Ollie’s optional add-ons are next-level. We’ve already covered some of their supplements, but they have an amazing selection of treats that honestly rivals Trader Joe’s. (Bear goes crazy for the Crunchy Sweet Potato and Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky Strips – clearly, we know what his favorite vegetable is.)

If you’re ready to treat your pup like royalty, I highly recommend Ollie – and right now, you can save 50% on your first order! 

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