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I Ditched Spot & Tango For Ollie. Here’s What Happened.

July 10, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 60% off your first box + a free bowl!

With the plethora of fresh dog foods out there, it’s not hard to feed your dog right – but it’s definitely hard to figure out what they like!

I decided to try two top fresh food contenders to see which one was worth the price tag: Ollie or Spot & Tango. And Ollie emerged as the clear winner – read on to find out why!

Credit: Spot & Tango

Let’s Spot & Tan-GO!

Spot & Tango is a fresh food subscription that is customized to your pup and formulated by veterinary nutritionists. They also make their own “Unkibble” that preserves the nutrients in their food, if your dog prefers dry food. 

As I did research on Spot & Tango, though, I noticed that it was hard to get much information without actually going through the whole subscription process – what kind of plans do they offer? How do I serve it? How does this food work for picky eaters, or overweight pups, or senior dogs? Do they also offer items like treats?

Once I answered their questionnaire, it was fairly smooth sailing! I gave them info about my pup (age, breed, weight, activity level, sensitivities, etc.) and was able to get their two-week trial for 20% off. I was impressed they had three flavors of their Unkibble, but only three flavors for their fresh food felt low, especially since I love to give my pup chicken for her sensitive tummy. For Shortbread, this came out to about $43/week, and she’s a 13-pound Chiweenie.

The food itself arrived on time and was still frozen. The Unkibble comes in convenient resealable bags, but the fresh food I had to store in a Ziploc to keep fresh. At first try, my dog loved the fresh food and Unkibble alike – but after a couple of days, she was eating with less excitement, and only the Unkibble seemed to be to her liking. Not ideal if I’m searching for the perfect fresh food! Otherwise, the food gave her no issues.

TL;DR: Spot & Tango is a great option for healthy dry food, but their fresh food doesn’t seem to satisfy.

All About Ollie

Next comes Ollie, with the same great accolades: a fresh dog food company with vet-formulated recipes and a customized subscription. They offer their own Baked food as well, while maintaining their same human-grade quality and nutrients.

With Ollie, I got all the information I needed right off the bat. I had options of Fresh, Mixed, and Half plans, understood the easy scooping and serving, and saw that their food was a great option for senior, sensitive, picky, and/or overweight dogs. I don’t know about you, but that made it feel much easier to trust them with my dog’s health.

Their questionnaire was much the same, but allowed further personalization with the meal plan, and especially with more options for fresh food flavors. Not to mention, their Starter Box came at 50% off and included a scoop and Puptainer, which made serving and storage 100x easier. I decided to commit to a Fresh plan, which came out to about $50/month.

The delivery was pain-free, and Shortbread was beyond excited to eat it – especially her new favorite, Chicken with Carrots. I was also very impressed that Ollie offers a Digestion Screening through their app, so you can check in on how you’re transitioning your pup to the new food and get personalized recommendations. 

In summary: both Shortbread and I prefer Ollie. It’s a no-brainer!

My Dog Says it Best

I’ve continued with my Ollie subscription, and now it’s your turn to give it a try. Right now, get 60% off your first box of Ollie, plus a free bowl!

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