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Hot Dog: 7 Ways Ollie Keeps Your Pup Fresh, Fit, and Fabulous

March 15, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 50% off your first box!

I knew that switching my dog to the fresh food brand Ollie was going to do wonders for her health. What I wasn’t expecting was how good she’d suddenly look.

My girl Rita’s coat is shinier, her weight is in check… Honestly, I’m on the verge of getting her an agent; I swear she could start booking commercials! Stick with me here – it may seem crazy to talk about glamorous dogs. But feeding your pup the right food can have huge benefits beyond the cosmetic, too.

Here are 7 ways Ollie gave my dog a glow-up – inside and out:

Look at my lil couch-ripper shining (and plotting new ways to destroy my apartment)

1. Glossy coat – and less shedding!

Rita has always been a legendary shedder. It’s no secret when you’ve been playing with her – she leaves her mark all over your clothes. She’s been shedding way less on Ollie, though! She’s also softer and sleeker, and every time I come home I just want to bury my face in her fur. (That’s not new, but it’s a lot more fun now!)

2. Clear eyes

You know that *gunk* certain dogs get around their eyes? Turns out, allergens and chemicals in their food are often to blame – these gnarly ingredients are irritating their sweet little tear ducts. I used to have to carry wet wipes everywhere with me. But now Rita’s basically gunk-free; Ollie is very much agreeing with her! I learned that Ollie consciously makes a variety of recipes, ensuring there’s something for any pup with allergies!

3. Weight loss

I recently learned that over half the dogs in America are overweight, even if they don’t look it. I know, I know – more weight means there’s more pooch to love! But it can also mean health issues and shorter lifespan, and I want Rita around for the long haul. Thanks to precisely-portioned, nutritionally-balanced Ollie recipes, Rita’s managed to shed a couple pounds, and is living her best lithe life.

Trying to look glamorous (but one of us hears the Ollie being opened…)

4. Healthy skin

Dogs seem to be itchy by nature, but I’m here to tell you that that doesn’t need to be true! Often, processed foods don’t contain the right fats and oils to keep your dog’s skin and coat properly moisturized – Rita was always scratching at one patch on her back. Ollie has made dry, itchy skin a thing of the past!

5. Proper gut health

I’m talking poop. And maybe this is less than glamorous, but I think a good poop is a truly beautiful thing. Ollie’s food is designed to be easy on tums and highly digestible – meaning regular, healthy, less-noxious poops. Unsure about the state of your dog’s gut? Ollie offers a Digestion Screening to help check in and get personalized advice!

6. More energy

Ready to share a home with an Olympic athlete – or at least a dog that will go for long walks on the beach with you? Before, Rita would get tired after just a half hour of playing. Now, Ollie has given her so much more energy, meaning her exercise is more regular and rigorous. She’s so much healthier, and I’m getting in a workout, too.

7. Less odor

Let’s not kid ourselves: dogs can get stinky. Some days, you give them a bath and it seems like they go right back to smelling just a couple hours after. Many factors can be at play here, but I credit Ollie’s complete, wholesome nutrition with neutralizing Rita’s body odor and breath. No more kisses that linger, in a not-so-great way.

Two gals thriving (watching Real Housewives)

Get Your Dog Beach-Ready (j/k… sort of!)

Although Rita was already the perfect companion, she is somehow even cuter (and healthier, and happier) now that she’s eating better. I’m on the brink of becoming one of those dog parents who makes a separate Instagram account for their fur baby.

Ready for your dog's own trans-fur-mation montage? Right now, get 50% off your first box!

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