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Hailey Bieber Loves Starface – So Should We?

January 31, 2024
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Beauty trends often start in the most glamorous places – red carpets, runways, and the well-curated Instagram feeds of celebrities. But every once in a while, a product breaks the mold, finding its way from the glitzy world of celebrity to the bathroom cabinets of everyday skincare enthusiasts. Enter Starface, the star-shaped pimple patches that have taken both Hollywood and our hearts by storm.

Although you can easily pick it up at Target, celebrities have been enjoying the cutesy acne solution as well, making it trendy rather than clinical. Stars are often perceived as having access to the best beauty secrets and products. So, when a celeb is spotted using a particular item, like the eye-catching, star-shaped patches from Starface, it's not just a product – it’s a statement.

Read on to find out why Starface is a celeb fave – and ours, too.

SZA in the OG Hydro-Stars
Credit: @Starface on Instagram

Rebranding Acne as Chic

In our eyes, there are three main reasons why Starface has become the ubiquitous phenomenon we see today:

1. Price 

Unlike many celebrity-endorsed products that come with a hefty price tag, these pimple patches are refreshingly accessible. The brand has managed to strike a fine balance between being a celebrity favorite and a budget-friendly option for the everyday user. This accessibility is crucial in an age where consumers are more informed and value-conscious than ever before.

2. Perspective

The appeal of Starface stretches beyond its celebrity fan base. Its playful branding, complete with a bright yellow color scheme and whimsical packaging, taps into the aesthetic preferences of the younger demographic. The brand has cleverly positioned itself as both a skincare solution and a fashion statement, making it a hit on social media platforms where visuals reign supreme.

3. Pimple Patching

Let's not forget the core of what makes Starface so popular - its effectiveness. These pimple patches aren't just a fun accessory; they're a testament to the brand's commitment to effective skincare solutions. By focusing on a common skin concern like acne and offering a solution that's both fun and functional, Starface has captured the essence of what it means to be a modern skincare brand.

Hailey Bieber in the new Black Stars
@Starface on Instagram

Patches for All Pimples

In addition to having their classic hydrocolloid stars in fun colors (hello, Rainbow and Party Pack!), they also have patches formulated with specific ingredients to perfectly align with your needs and skin type. Check them out:

Hydro-Stars + Salicylic Acid

With a 1% salicylic acid concentration, these patches are designed to soothe, shrink, and unclog pores.

XL Big Star

Got a bigger spot or a cluster that you’d like to get in one go? Look no further than these supersized stars.


If you’re obsessed with microdart patches that target those early stage pimples, Starface makes them in cute cloud shapes.

Hydro-Star + Tea Tree

A plant-based hero, these green patches naturally balance and soothe redness in your skin without irritation.

PinkPantheress in the recently launched Hydro-Star + Tea Tree
@Starface on Instagram

For More than Just Stars’ Faces

So, whether you're a skincare aficionado or someone looking to tackle the occasional pimple, Starface offers a little piece of celebrity-endorsed magic that's within reach. It's not just about treating skin concerns; it's about embracing a skincare experience that's as enjoyable as it is effective.

Try these adorable AF pimple patches for just $14.99, matching compact included!

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