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Get The Best Facial In Houston Before Appointments Run Out

July 8, 2024
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Editor’s Note: Use code PRIMARY99 at checkout to get your first The Better Facial at Hi, skin Montrose for just $99 ($140 value)! Act fast though, because this offer is only good if you book before they open on July 25th!

BREAKING NEWS: The best facials in Houston are coming to Montrose! You read that right. Hi, skin is opening up a Montrose location on July 25, and appointments are going fast – I recommend pre-booking now!

If you’ve been struggling to find a quality facial studio that caters to your unique skincare issues, your search is over. Personally, I’m SO excited that Hi, skin is coming to my neighborhood! I’ve been going to their M-K-T location, which was worth the trek because they truly transformed my skin. But now I can just zip over to my new local spot every month for that glazed donut look. And you can, too!

A special bonus: Your first 60-minute facial is only $99 – but you have to book literally now, because that deal expires on the 25th. 

The most relaxing facials ever. I would live here if I could.

What Is Hi, skin?

For the uninitiated, Hi, skin offers facials customized to your specific concerns, with tons of choices for boosters and at a very reasonable price point. 

The vibes at Hi, skin are always immaculate, from the vibrant blue and orange interiors to the highly-skilled estheticians. I recently learned that the esties go through an extensive training process so that they can analyze your skin at the beginning of every appointment and tailor the treatments to what your face needs. They’re also so cool – I loved my girl Bre at M-K-T and will miss our monthly “dates” where I got the most thorough facials of my life, AND some juicy gossip in the process.

Hi, skin is alllll about options. You can get either a 30-minute facial or a 60-minute facial ($99 for first timers with code: PRIMARY99). I’ve had both depending on how busy my work schedule is. Rest assured – even the shorter service, lovingly called “The Better Mini,” is extremely in-depth; they pack a lot in! You’ll leave looking glowy, refreshed, and you might just forgo make-up for the rest of the week!

Hi, skin Changed My Face

Real talk: before I started getting facials at Hi, skin, my skin was chronically dull, dry… and somehow also red and inflamed? I’m only 31, but I always felt like I looked older. 

I had been getting my monthly facials at a *certain Montrose facial studio that I won’t name* (but you know which one I’m thinking of) and not seeing any real results. A thousand dollars in the hole with nothing to show for my time and money, I was pretty frustrated to say the least!

Enter Hi, skin. I heard from a friend that the M-K-T studio was a must-visit, and even though it was a little farther from my place, I made the pilgrimage and tried it out. In my first 60-minute facial, I learned so much about taking care of my skin in between appointments, more than I’ve ever gotten from checking out r/skincareaddiction or from the OTHER facial studio. I also came out of it SO glowy – and my skin was definitely calmer and younger-looking! I knew I had found my new home. 

I didn’t do a complete 180 from just one facial (obviously), but Bre assured me that monthly appointments would help remove dead skin cells and reveal my bright new skin underneath. Because I loved the vibes at the studio and I went home with some helpful skincare tips, I was willing to trust her and come back the following month. And the following month. And so on. Until I got to where I am today, with clear skin that feels plump and hydrated. I honestly can’t hype Hi, skin enough, you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you book your first facial for $99 ASAP

Run, Don’t Walk

Ready for your healthiest, dewiest skin ever? There’s no time to waste – seriously, stop reading and go grab your appointment, so you can be one of the first to experience Hi, skin Montrose, opening July 25th!

Hi, skin Montrose
888 Westheimer Road, Suite 127A
Houston, TX 77006 


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Get early access to exclusive deals, editors' picks, and new launches.
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