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Coffee Wasn’t Working For Me. I Finally Did Something About It.

June 12, 2024
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Tell me if you can relate to this sentence: I love coffee, but coffee doesn’t love me back. 

It was the story of my life. Anytime I indulged in my beloved medium roast with oat milk, I could expect some nasty side effects. Jittery, unfocused energy. An inevitable crash. Headaches. Bad sleep. But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget about acid reflux, nausea, and overall funky digestion. Everything in my body – literally – was telling me I needed to stop drinking coffee. 

Thankfully, I had a wake-up call. After feeling like garbage for days, I finally decided to start listening to my sensitive body and treating it with care. I already knew about functional mushroom drinks, but I’d been resistant, out of a stubborn loyalty to coffee. Now I was ready to make a change. So I tried Nandaka, an adaptogenic coffee alternative from Pique, and I got what I had always desperately wanted from coffee: calm, sustained, jitter-free energy, with zero stomach issues – plus a whole host of health benefits I never saw coming.

Credit: @piquelife on Instagram

But What About The Ritual? 

One of the reasons I was loath to give up coffee (despite the fact that it was wreaking havoc on my system) was the ritual of making it in the morning. I loved my routine of putting on a podcast, boiling hot water, grinding the beans, putting in the little filter thing in the Chemex, and artfully pouring the water over the grounds like a fancy barista. It was all so romantic!

Luckily, I didn’t have to sacrifice anything – because Nandaka provides its own ritual, which I actually found to be both simpler and more elevated than making coffee. My first box from Pique came with a fancy little beaker and frother, so I had all the tools ready to go. Step-by-step instructions were incredibly easy: Pour sachet of Nandaka into the beaker, add 10-12 oz of hot water. Froth with the frother, or stir to mix. I added some oat milk, which made it extra creamy and delicious. 

Unlike when I used to make coffee, with Nandaka, I can’t help feeling like I’m preparing something wholesome and medicinal that will nourish my body and support my cognitive function – because I actually am!

Caffeine I Can Stomach

Let’s face it: coffee was destroying my upper and lower GI tract. Even though I loved the taste of it, the way my body experienced it, I might as well have been drinking battery acid. 

But I was nervous to try mushroom coffee, having heard horror stories about overly umami flavor and gritty texture. Nandaka’s ingredients list was luxurious, but did not guarantee deliciousness: Reishi, sourced from the Wuyi Mountains; Fermented Pu’er Tea from the Himalayas; Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao. I tried to imagine drinking something gross everyday in the name of whole-body wellness. “This is what mature adults do,” I told myself. “Suck it up.”

My lips hovered – quivered, even – over my first cup of Nandaka. And then I took a sip. And I could feel my tensed-up shoulders relax, as the combination of surprise and relief washed over me: this stuff tasted good. Almost like a cross between chai tea and hot cocoa; the rich Ayurvedic warming spices really came through. The next day, I decided to try it over ice. It felt like summer in a glass and might be my new favorite thing. *Chef’s kiss!*

The best part? I felt great after drinking it – no acid reflux, no queasiness, no urgent need to run to the bathroom. (Sorry if that’s TMI!) My body not only tolerated Nandaka, it responded to it positively. I started drinking it everyday, and experiencing some pretty wild changes…

I’ve Transcended

Why does anyone seek out caffeine? Typically for the productivity it promises – at least that was my main objective. But whereas coffee only guaranteed me about two solid hours of frenetic energy in which I could maybe eke out a few work tasks before crashing, Nandaka provided steady, sustained energy that allowed me to get everything done. This was a new phenomenon for me; I was used to feeling constantly behind the 8 ball, always struggling to catch up. 

But the benefits of this product go beyond any effects on my work life. After just a few mornings of drinking Nandaka, I felt like a fog had been lifted. I know this is a cliché, but it’s true! In my coffee days, I was always at a baseline level of tired, hazy, and cranky – probably due to the sharp spikes in my cortisol, poor sleep, and the aforementioned stomach issues. I never felt my best; I didn’t know what my “best” could feel like.

Now, my brain feels like it got a bath – it’s shiny and new. My body feels healthy and strong. My stress levels are way down, and my mood is elevated. Overall, I’m vibrating on a higher frequency, and it’s all completely thanks to this adaptogen-boosted coffee alternative. The hype is real, folks!

A Worthy Investment

There’s no getting around it: Nandaka is not cheap. Their one-time price is $128; a subscription costs $108 per month and includes a free starter kit (frother and beaker). 

But if you’re someone who goes out for a $5-8 coffee drink everyday, Nandaka starts to look a whole lot more reasonable. And, in my opinion, the ultra-premium ingredients, efficacious formulations, and tangible results justify the price tag. 

It’s also about quality of life. If you’re sensitive to coffee and struggling with the negative effects – and your energy, mood, sleep, digestion, and overall sense of wellbeing are taking a hit – it might be time to make a change. 

If you’re ready to start feeling better, give Nandaka a try – and save 15% when you subscribe!

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