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Blue Buffalo vs. Ollie: Why I Stopped Feeding My Dog Kibble

February 11, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 50% off your first box!

For my dog, only the absolute best is acceptable. Anything less? Impossible to fathom.

That’s why, for as long as I’ve had her, I’ve been feeding her Blue Buffalo. As a puppy, she had the Puppy Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe. As she’s gotten older, she’s been partial to the Adult Beef & Brown Rice Recipe. And, since we’ve gotten sick of her shedding, we’ve been mixing in some Grain-Free Duck and Potato Recipe, designed especially for skin and coat care.

In essence, we’ve got our bases covered! Or so we thought – until I heard about Ollie

Read on to discover why I made the switch to human-grade fresh food, and you should too!

Dry Food Is Okay…

When it comes to choosing food for your dog, there are some basics that need to be hit every time – no matter what form your feed is taking.

  1. Real meat should always be the first ingredient. That’s where pups should be getting the bulk of their nutrition, just as nature intended.
  2. Healthy, high-quality fruit, veggies, and grains. To further support your dog’s overall health, all-natural vitamins and minerals are key!
  3. No artificial preservatives or fillers. You don’t want them in your food, and they don’t belong in your dog’s food either.
  4. No by-products. If you’re not familiar, these are basically what’s left of an animal that is considered unfit for human consumption.
  5. Formulated by vets and nutritionists. It’s so important to trust the experts in these areas – they prioritize your pup’s health as much as you do!

Although this is a simplified, shortened list, it’s definitely a good place to start. Blue Buffalo meets all these requirements for me and more, including making targeted lines of food for different health goals.

But then Ollie entered the game.

Credit: Ollie

…But Fresh Is Way Better

You’ve heard it many times, and you know it to be true: Fresh is better. And that goes for your dog’s food, too.

Kibble tends to be overprocessed, degrading nutrients, minerals, and beneficial fats. And due to their extrusion process, kibble contains less than 45% meat. While Blue Buffalo may be the best of dry food, it simply can’t measure up to the plethora of benefits that fresh food provides.

Most importantly, fresh food is healthier. Eating proper proteins and antioxidants can help ward off common ailments – check out this article about how dogs who eat vegetables have lower urinary bladder carcinoma rates. With ingredients that are high quality and easy to digest, your pup doesn’t need to struggle to process their food. Their digestive health improves, their poop becomes less stinky, their coat becomes shinier, and they sleep better. 

Basically, you’re upgrading to Your Dog 2.0 when you transition them to fresh food.

Plus, if your dog has more specific needs, fresh food is a great way to address them in a holistic way. For example, overweight dogs often need a change in diet – and Ollie will tailor your subscription and properly portion out the food to help your pup reach their ideal weight. 

If you have a senior dog, Ollie is a fantastic choice too. Studies have found that, with better food, dogs can live up to 2.5 years longer! And picky eating is no match for fresh food. The improved texture, stronger aromas, and delicious flavor mean your dog will always lick their bowl clean.

Credit: @Ollie on Instagram

The Cream of the Kibble Crop

Still want to feed your dog kibble, or continue to incorporate it with their fresh food? No problem.

Ollie makes dry food, too! They ensure theirs is held to the same standards their fresh food is, with human-grade ingredients cooked slowly and gently in small batches. They use a low-stress process that keeps every bite nutritious, preserves visible inclusions of vegetables, and allows the recipe to contain over 45% meat, a far cry from commercial food.

Another benefit that Ollie dry food has over big brands? Their food falls in the 95% digestibility range, where most kibble is only 80-85%. This means improved gut health, better poops, and you can feed your dog less of it while still providing all the nutrients they need.

They also have both a Half and Mixed plan. The Half plan supplies you with half portions of fresh food, so you can supplement with your own choice of dry food, while the Mixed plan supplies you with both fresh and dry food to feed your pooch.

Whatever you’re feeding your dog, make sure it’s the very best! A healthy dog = a happy dog.

Credit: Ollie

Fresh Food Fanatics

There’s nothing more reassuring than knowing that another pet owner swears by Ollie. Here are a few reviews from owners and their highly pleased pups.

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Credit: @Ollie on Instagram
Ollie also makes nutritious treats! Check them out.

Ollie is the Only

If you’re feeling like your commercial-grade kibble isn’t cutting it, you’re probably right! Ollie fresh food is your best bet for your dog’s optimal health – and their kibble is incredibly high-quality as well.

Ready to start your fresh food journey? Right now, get 50% off your first box!



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