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Best in Bowl: Our Top-Rated Dog Food Brands Your Pooch Will Adore

January 11, 2024
At Primary Goods, we have an independent selection process & only review what we fully endorse. If you buy a product via our links, we may earn a commission.

Dogs are more than just our companions – they’re family. So of course we want what’s best for them, and that includes making sure they have a high-quality, nutritious diet. With so many different types of dog food out there, it can be hard to choose the right fit. We set out to find the cream of the crop – food that would send our doggos straight for their bowls, tails a-waggin’. Here are the brands that we (and the Primary Goods pups) fell in love with! 

Best Overall Dog Food 

Sundays for Dogs 

Sundays for Dogs is the brainchild of a veterinarian and an engineer. When Michael and Dr. Tory Waxman’s dog fell ill, they searched fruitlessly for dog food that was healthier than kibble, yet easier to prepare than home-cooked food. So they teamed up with food scientists and veterinary nutritionists to make their own! Sundays is an air-dried, ready-to-eat dog food that is made with 90% fresh meat and all human-grade ingredients. Unlike most human-grade dog food, Sundays doesn’t need any special prep or refrigeration. Just pour a bowl, and voilà! That’s it! Sunday’s unique air-drying method not only makes it easy to store and serve, but it also preserves flavor and nutrients.  

It looks more like a jerky treat than regular food, and judging by the speed with which our dogs devoured it, it tastes like one too! 

Best Eco-Friendly Dog Food 


Did you know that making one cup of traditional kibble requires 47 gallons of fresh water and 80 square feet of farmland, and produces three pounds of greenhouse gas? Founders Garett Wymore and Caroline Buck didn’t want feeding their dog to come at the expense of the environment and other animals, so they created their sustainable brand, Petaluma. Petaluma makes ready-to-eat, plant-based dog food that is not only more nutritious than kibble but also leaves a negative carbon footprint. 

But don’t dogs need meat? We’d be lying if we said that thought didn’t cross our minds. But turns out that’s a common misconception. While dogs are omnivores, like humans they require specific nutrients, not ingredients. Petaluma’s food provides a complete nutritional profile – one cup of Petaluma’s has as much protein as a serving of steak. Our pups couldn’t tell their meal was meatless and happily scarfed down their portions! 

Best Fresh Food

Just Food For Dogs 

Just Food For Dogs is not a newcomer to the industry – they’ve been a trusted brand for over a decade. And rightfully so. This company makes the number one fresh dog food recommended by vets. Shawn Buckley founded the brand in 2010, after discovering the heinous ingredients that are legally allowed to be in pet food. He began cooking for his dogs and other dogs in his neighborhood. He eventually assembled a team of specialists to create Just Food for Dogs.

All Just Food For Dog products are 100% human-grade and nutrient-rich, and formulated by a team of vets that include board-certified nutritionists, toxicologists, and dermatologists. They are laser-focused on proper nutrition and quality. If you’re a fan of fresh food, we highly recommend this brand! 

We hope this little roundup will give you – and your furry family member – something to drool over. We always welcome pics of satisfied customers! :) 

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