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Athena Club vs. Venus: Which Razor Wins?

February 19, 2024
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For as long as I can remember, shaving was a gamble. Every time I’d go about shaving my legs, it seemed equally plausible that I’d exit unscathed and that my shower would look like a crime scene. But that’s probably because I was using a drugstore razor.

My go-to was always a Venus – I was unwaveringly loyal going on 15 years now. Maybe it was the 90s ads of happy hairless women frolicking on the beach that hooked me, but I always thought they were the cream of the crop. In fact, I never even considered switching. My current model is the “Deluxe Smooth Sensitive”, which sounds and looks promising, but is instead aggressively underwhelming. I felt like I was destined to have a mediocre shaving experience at best, and a bloody mess at worst.

Then, I discovered Athena Club. A razor subscription that promised a flawlessly smooth shave and ZERO irritation or cuts – all without a pink tax? I was dubious!

So I put it to the test. Here’s what happened when I compared Athena Club’s The Razor Kit to Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive. (Spoiler for the impatient: Athena Club is the clear winner! You can get yours here.) 

What is Athena Club?

A quick primer on this amazing brand – because they deserve a bit of a spotlight!

Athena Club is a razor subscription company making self-care essentials that actually work. They have beautifully-designed skincare, period care, wellness, and body care items – all intentionally affordable, because self-care should be accessible to everyone. Their #1 best-selling product, though? The Razor Kit. 

The ordering process is simple – after clicking “get started,” you select your color preference, shaving frequency, and how often you’d like to receive blade refills. That’s it! No more getting caught off-guard with a shaving emergency, or running to the nearest Target to try and restock. Everything you need, delivered right on your doorstep.

The convenience factor alone is HUGE. But how does the Athena Club razor actually perform?

A Not-So-Close Shave

Let’s get into it! How does this razor subscription hold up against the long-established, widely-beloved Venus? 

Here’s a breakdown:

Incredible Results

I could wax (haha) poetic for days, but the TL;DR for the verdict is that while Venus Deluxe Smooth Sensitive is adequate, Athena Club’s Razor Kit blew my expectations out of the water. 

Where Venus had a “Lubrastrip” that did next to nothing, my skin actually felt hydrated after using Athena Club. Anyone who shaves knows that this is a near-impossible feat. Your skin is typically depleted, dry, and sometimes even itchy post-shaving – but Athena Club is out here putting moisture back into your skin, thanks to their hyaluronic acid strip. 

My legs have always been super prone to razor burn – but with Athena Club, that’s a thing of the past. Another thing I appreciated was the razor’s ability to navigate around those highly-nickable (is that a word? You know what I’m talking about though) places, like the backs of my knees. No issues, no nicks! I can’t remember the last time I experienced that.

I’ve always been a “Feel my legs!” person after I shave, and even those who begrudgingly complied were in awe of the smooth shave. 

The Shave That Keeps on Giving

Not only did the Athena Club razor deliver an incredibly precise shave, the results last a long time! I’ve been able to shift my shaving frequency from every couple of days to just once a week. This ends up saving me precious time and money, which I always appreciate.  

And can we talk about refill prices? I can’t believe how much money I spent on subpar drugstore blades over the course of my shaving career. If you’re guilty of this, too, you can do the math for yourself… but, warning: it may make your head spin.

Aesthetics-wise, Athena Club continues to reign supreme. They have an insane number of colors to choose from and truly elevate any bathroom vibe. I’ll be honest – I ordered the best-selling Rose and the classic White (I am an indecisive queen), and both look so cute in my space!

Bottom line? These razors are chic, they work so well, they’re cheap AF, and they’re gentle on skin. Drugstore razors just can’t compare to Athena Club.

Credit: @AthenaClub on Instagram

Members-Only Insights

I’m not the only one who’s ditching their drugstore razors and never looking back. Here are some other rave customer reviews that’ll have you thinking, “Venus who?”

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It’s time to wave goodbye to bleh, and embrace the quality your skin deserves. When I use Athena Club, I feel like I’m in a shaving commercial in the best way. I’m a glamorous goddess – but more Athena than Venus ; ) 

Ready to get your own? It’s the easiest subscription ever – and the Razor Kit only costs $10.



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