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Are Goodles Kid-Approved?

June 5, 2024
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Finding a healthy and delicious meal option that kids actually want to eat can sometimes feel like searching for a unicorn. Enter Goodles, the brand promising nutritious, kid-friendly pasta. 

Goodles markets itself as a superfood-packed, nutritionally superior version of traditional macaroni and cheese. It boasts high protein, fiber, and a range of vitamins and minerals, all wrapped up in a package that promises fun flavors and a creamy texture. For parents, it sounds like a dream come true. But for kids, the real question is, "Does it taste good?" 

We decided to put Goodles to the ultimate test: a panel of discerning kid critics. Here’s what we found.

Taste Test

Cheddy Mac:

This flavor seemed to be a hit across the board. Described as "really cheesy" and "like the mac and cheese from restaurants," Cheddy Mac received enthusiastic thumbs up. One 7-year-old said, "It tastes like real cheese, not the fake kind." Parents noted that the kids seemed to genuinely enjoy it, often asking for seconds.

Shella Good:

Opinions were a bit more divided on this one. While some kids enjoyed the white cheddar flavor, others missed the familiar taste of classic yellow cheddar. A 10-year-old mentioned, "It tastes fancy," while a younger tester said, "I like the other one better." Overall, it was still well-received but with slightly less enthusiasm than the Cheddy Mac.

Twist My Parm:

This flavor was the most polarizing. Older kids seemed to appreciate the more sophisticated taste, with comments like "It tastes like the pasta we have at Italian restaurants." However, younger children were less impressed. One 6-year-old bluntly stated, "It tastes weird." This flavor might be better suited for more adventurous eaters.

Mover & Shaker:

Surprisingly, this flavor garnered a lot of positive feedback. Many kids enjoyed the peppery kick, which seemed to be just the right amount without overwhelming their taste buds. An 8-year-old exclaimed, "This one is spicy but in a good way!" Parents noted that this flavor was a great way to introduce kids to more complex tastes.

Final Verdict

Parents were delighted with the nutritional content of Goodles. Each serving is packed with protein, fiber, and a variety of vitamins from real vegetables like chickpeas, spinach, and mushrooms. Knowing their kids are getting a serving of veggies disguised as delicious pasta was a major win. One mom said, "I feel like I'm tricking them into eating healthy, and they have no idea!"

So, are Goodles kid-approved? Based on our panel, the answer is a resounding yes—with a few caveats. While not every flavor was a universal hit, the overall reception was positive. Cheddy Mac and Mover & Shaker emerged as favorites, proving that kids can indeed appreciate flavors beyond the basic mac and cheese.

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