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7 Reasons You Need to Try Healthycell’s REM Sleep

March 1, 2024
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If you’ve ever woken up feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck, then you know how important quality sleep is. For a solid three months, I was dealing with persistent problems falling asleep, staying asleep, and just overall getting restful sleep – and I was completely unraveling.

I tried all of the supplements and sleep hacks out there, but nothing actually worked until I found Healthycell’s REM Sleep. Their Microgel delivery system and carefully formulated blend of ingredients officially knocked me out, AND had me energized in the morning – something I hadn’t experienced in a long time.

If you’re struggling with sleep, here’s 7 reasons why you need to try Healthycell’s REM Sleep.

1. It helps you fall asleep fast

Nothing’s worse than spending half your night staring up at the ceiling, silently willing sleep to come. REM Sleep is made with Melatonin, lemon balm, and GABA to help promote the feelings of relaxation – that gentle slow-down of your mind and body – that allow you to drift off to sleep easily. 

2. You’ll actually sleep all night

When you toss and turn or wake up in the middle of the night, you’re not getting an adequate amount of NREM-3 sleep (a.k.a. deep sleep) – and you’re more likely to experience next day sluggishness. Healthycell's supplement pack uses L-theanine, vitamin D3, and vitamin B6 to help you achieve deep, relaxing sleep and wake up feeling (and performing!) your best. 

3. It gives you the quality, REM sleep your body needs

If you’re struggling with sleep issues, then you’re probably familiar with REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep. It’s the stage of sleep in which your eyes move rapidly, your mind dreams, and your body remains completely still. REM can be elusive, but it’s essential for healthy sleep and actually helps improve your creative abilities! Healthycell helps ensure you hit this stage by including 5HTP, vitamin B6, and GABA.

4. Lower your body temp for better sleep

Did you know that your heart rate and body temperature both drop as you transition into deep, restorative sleep? Both of these changes occur as our bodies pass through the second stage of sleep (NREM-2). And if they don’t, we get stuck there, not getting the restful sleep we need. Healthycell helps set your body up for success with glycine, magnesium, and calcium to help your body naturally lower its temperature. 

5. You can ditch the handful of pre-bedtime pills

Few things are more annoying than having to pop pill after pill when you’re trying to get ready for bed. Healthycell’s REM Sleep packs 2,384 mg of sleep-focused nutrients into a single pack – that’s the equivalent of 7 pills – so you can ditch your pill organizer and just grab one easy-to-take nightly gel pack.

6. Microgels work better

Healthycell’s unique Microgel delivery method isn’t just convenient (and delicious), it’s actually more effective than regular pills! The nutrients in their Microgel packs are dissolved into either oil or water depending on whether they’re fat- or water-soluble, then mixed together into a gel matrix. This unique delivery method allows the supplements in their REM Sleep blend to absorb 165% better than traditional pills and provides you with a 144% higher maximum nutrient level.

7. You deserve a good night’s rest

Sleep issues affect all areas of our lives. From trouble waking up in the morning, to issues focusing throughout the day, to the personal and social effects of never having enough energy to spend time with friends and family, persistent sleep problems can quickly take over your entire life. 

If you can relate to any of the above, you deserve a way out! Thankfully, getting an amazing night’s sleep every single night is as easy as ordering your first pack of Healthycell’s REM Sleep – and you can save 10% on your first order with code PRIMARYGOODS10!

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