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7 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Old Razor for Athena Club

February 7, 2024
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Perhaps, like me, you have resigned yourself to a fate of endlessly forgetting to buy razor blade refills from the drug store. Perhaps you have come to accept the anxious scramble to restock when your old razor has become dull and ineffective – or, worse, painful – and your bathroom cabinet turns up dry. Perhaps you have settled for a life of subpar shaves, strawberry legs, and ingrown hairs.

I am here to tell you: we don’t have to live like this! We can wrest the reins from our double-named overlords (looking at you, Johnson + Johnson) and finally claim what’s rightfully ours. 

Long live the dolphin-smooth skin of our dreams. Long live Athena Club!

Enter Your Goddess Era

In case you’re unfamiliar, Athena Club is a brand redefining our everyday essentials – making self-care easy, accessible, and sustainable. Their products include body lotion, deodorant, and candles, but their best-selling item by far is their Razor Kit and Refill Subscription

And I am officially a convert.

Before, my go-to razor was Gillette Venus Comfortglide, which fit exactly in between “not bad” and “good enough.” I tried to treat myself to a more expensive razor in an effort to convince myself it did a better job, but I was cutting down my funds more than my follicles. Neither fun nor luxurious, shaving remained a chore. 

But the game has changed. Here are 7 reasons why I insist – yes, insist – that you toss your old razor into the abyss, never to be seen again, and replace it with Athena Club.

7 Reasons in Heaven

Here they are! The 7 reasons why you (yes, you) should ditch your old drugstore razor for Athena Club.

1. You’re a cost-effective queen.

I’d like to start by pointing out how insanely affordable Athena Club is. Their Razor Kit, including two cartridges, the handle, and a magnetic hook, sells for just $10. Need an affordable shaving cream, some organic tampons, or an aluminum-free deo that works? Might as well buy ‘em all together – you won’t even break $30. No more pink tax on our essentials – just good products at good prices.

2. You hate marketing gimmicks.

If you’re looking for personal care products that not only look good and feel good, but that work? You guessed it, Athena Club’s Razor Kit achieves this flawlessly. Every aspect of their Razor Kit emphasizes excellence. The handle? Aluminum with a fiberglass core. The cartridge? 5 stainless steel blades, perfectly spaced for a flawless shave – and enhanced with a UV-protected silicone handle for non-slip grip. The chic magnetic hook? Angled to keep your razor safe and rust-free.

3. You’re on the cutting edge of science.

With data points, customer interviews, user feedback, and clinical studies on their side, Athena Club is more than just anecdotally great. Though essentials sound simple at first glance, each tiny quality of their products is carefully chosen and crafted. Take, for example, the hyaluronic serum on their razors that keeps even sensitize skin smooth. You don’t have to think about it, but rest assured they have!

4. You’re sick of razor burn.

And, probably the most important point: these things work. I’ve always struggled with strawberry legs and ingrowns – plus, my sensitive skin tends to get easily irritated after a fresh shave. But with my Athena Club razor, I get all of the good from shaving (silky legs, glowing skin, smoothness that lasts) and none of the bad (razor burn, nicks, irritation, strawberry legs, ingrown hairs).

5. You’ve got better things to do.

Athena Club is a subscription service. Picture this: it’s your weekly self-care day. You’ve already got your face mask on, the candles lit, the music playing. Now, it’s time to shave and enjoy the feeling of silky smooth legs against fresh bedsheets. You check your drawer and…you’ve got your trusty blade refills, of course. Because Athena Club will deliver you what you need, when you need it, and all you have to do is enjoy.

6. You love your Mother (Earth).

Mother Earth needs some TLC too, and Athena Club has worked hard to make all of their products eco-friendly and vegan. Their period care? Organic. Their wipes? Biodegradable. The packaging? Recyclable. Their wax strips? Plant-based. Even though some of their products aren’t reusable (please don’t try to stretch the life of a tampon), they’re still kind to the environment.

7. Other goodies

In case I haven’t waxed poetic enough, Athena Club has plenty of other offerings that work in beautiful harmony with their Razor Kit. The best combination that I’ve found for my own routine? Exfoliating with their Gentle Sugar Scrub, lathering up their Cloud Shave Foam, and finishing my shower off with their Dewy Body Lotion. I emerge from the bathroom a new, deliciously scented woman.

Can I Get an Amen?

We’re not the only ones ready to clamber to the top of Mount Olympus and shout to the heavens how much we love Athena Club. Here are some real reviews of The Razor Kit:

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Join the Club

Anyone with body hair that wishes to remove it, heed my words: Athena Club is *it*. You will not find higher quality, more effective razors on the market – especially not ones you feel good about using. If you’re feeling called to a higher shaving experience, snag your Razor Kit now – it’s only $10!



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