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7 Mocktail Brands for Summer Sipping

January 10, 2024
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Summertime, and the living is easy… especially when you're sipping on a delicious drink! But let's be real – you don’t always want to risk waking up with a headache or regrettable choice from the night before ;) That's where mocktails come in handy! These non-alcoholic drinks are perfect for anyone looking to quench their thirst and have fun without the hangover. Mocktails can be just as delicious and satisfying as their alcoholic counterparts. Here are some of the best mocktail brands for an exciting, sober summer. 

Credit: Mingle
  1. Mingle 

Simply put, Mingle makes delicious drinks. With tangy, mouth-watering flavors like Cranberry Cosmo, Blackberry Hibiscus Bellini, and Blood Orange Elderflower, Mingle's low-calorie and natural ingredients make for guilt-free indulgence. 

Credit: Amazon
  1. Clever 

Want to feel like a mixologist? Clever Mocktails offer delicious flavors like mojito, cosmopolitan, and margarita. Their organic ingredients make it a healthier alternative, and you won't even realize you're not sipping on an actual cocktail!

Credit: Mockly
  1. Mockly

Add a little edge to your bev with Mockly. Their signature mocktails feature unusual flavor combos like ginger & lemongrass, raspberry & basil, cucumber & mint, and pomegranate & rosemary. All cans are vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie, so you can drink up with zero regret!

Credit: Ghia
  1. Ghia

Ghia is the perfect pick for those who want to feel fancy and in-the-know. Made with botanicals like gentian root, fig, and orange, Ghia’s non-alcoholic aperitifs are also packaged beautifully and have that certain cool factor, giving you the sense you’re sipping on something exclusive. 

Credit: Free Spirits
  1. Free Spirits 

Free Spirits makes impressive replicas of classic liquors (Bourbon, gin, tequila, and an Italian aperativo) that just happen to be booze-free. They can easily slip into a standard recipe – like a gin & tonic or Negroni – for a refreshing, zesty, and guilt-free experience. 

Credit: Wilfred’s
  1. Wilfred’s Non-Alcoholic Aperitif 

If you’re a fan of Aperol Spritzes, you’ll adore Wilfred’s Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. It’s made with natural ingredients like rhubarb, rosemary, and grapefruit, giving it a bright, complex flavor profile – and all of the kick with none of the consequences. 

Credit: Töst
  1. Töst Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage 

Feeling festive? Töst Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Beverage offers an excellent substitute for champagne. Bursting with notes of fragrant white tea, zesty ginger, and sweet elderflower, this drink will make your taste buds dance with joy and keep the fun going all night long.

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