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6 Toxic Habits I’m No Longer Indulging In – Thanks to HealthyCell

June 3, 2024
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Ever since high school, daily stress basically controlled my life. I was always at a baseline level of flustered, scattered, and overall just distressed. Feeling like crap emotionally made me crave an escape… and led to some pretty toxic habits, which of course just made me feel worse about myself.

Enter HealthyCell Calm Mood gels. They gave me something I hadn’t experienced in many, many years: balance. Once my stress had melted away, so too did my self-defeating habits, and I suddenly felt like someone I could be proud of. Here are 6 toxic habits that I’m no longer engaging in; maybe you can relate to some of these!

1. Not Texting Back

Yes, that was me, I was the bad friend! You’d ask me about brunch on Sunday and despite my intense longing for mimosas and girl talk, I’d be so freaked out about saying the perfect thing – my brain going a million miles a minute, for no reason – that I would just avoid the situation and not reply. But now? I text back right away, thanks to the mind-calming support from the ashwagandha in my Calm Mood gels. Cue the Golden Girls theme song

2. Mindlessly Scrolling TikTok

Ah, TikTok. The perfect way to get that cheap dopamine hit – but I would spend HOURS swiping up and pressing “like” without even absorbing what I was watching. The Saffron and B vitamins in my daily Calm Mood gels promote *balanced* levels of dopamine, so I don’t feel the frantic need to flood my brain with it via social media. I’ve noticed these gels also help me feel more motivated, which leads me to…

3. Avoiding Laundry

My old logic: I have 30 pairs of underwear, so I only need to do laundry once a month. I just completely lacked the enthusiasm for clean clothes and the motivation to get started. My new logic with the added oomph from these gels: I can make my life way easier by doing smaller loads of laundry once or twice a week. Bonus? Laundry stresses me out way less now because it’s so much more manageable to do it in smaller sections! 

4. Getting Defensive At Feedback

I write for a living, and I used to have this incredibly distasteful habit of getting defensive and frankly, HEATED, anytime an editor would give me constructive criticism on one of my pieces. The 5HTP in my Calm Mood gels helps with synthesizing serotonin in my brain, which promotes enhanced emotional resilience. Now, when I get a note and feel myself start to prickle, I can take it in stride and apply it without snapping.

5. Inhaling Entire Jars Of Peanut Butter

In my defense, peanut butter is a healthy, protein-filled, low-carb snack. (Unless you are allergic! Sorry!) But I took it too far. After a tough day, I would absolutely house jars of Jif, leaving none for my poor family’s sandwiches. Think of the sandwiches!!! Since taking Calm Mood gels, I don’t need to stress-eat and I am consuming a much more reasonable amount of peanut butter.  

5. Binge-Watching Criminal Minds

Real talk? I don’t even LIKE this show. It’s unrealistic, dated… and totally addicting. That dopamine rush from seeing the BAU suss out the unsub is just too seductive. But I don’t feel amazing after spending four hours straight watching TV. I’m too invested to cook, so I order in (expensive). I also end up staying up wayyy too late, and waking up groggy in the morning. Regulating my dopamine levels has been absolutely KEY for breaking this honestly destructive habit. I just take one Calm Mood gel in the morning and I’m good to spend my downtime taking care of myself. And saving money on delivery!

Better Mood, Healthier Habits

I used to waste SO much time. I woke up, worked, escaped into my toxic habits, and did the whole thing over again the next day. With Healthycell Calm Mood gels, my emotions are regulated, and I feel motivated and excited about the human experience! Not to be sappy, but I actually feel alive and present for the first time in a long time. 

If you’re ready to get your life back, try Healthycell Calm Mood gels — and for an extra treat, use code PRIMARYGOODS10 at checkout for 10% off your first order!

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Get early access to exclusive deals, editors' picks, and new launches.
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