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10 Things I Hate About Ollie

April 21, 2024
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Editor’s note: Our team (and their dogs!) love Ollie. If you’re looking to make the switch to fresh food for your dog, you can get 50% off your first box!

In case you didn’t know (or you’re in denial about time passing), this year is the 25th anniversary of 10 Things I Hate About You

As I reflect on one of my favorite ‘90s Shakespeare adaptations, I think about other things in life that I love so much it hurts. And one of them is Ollie, a human-grade fresh dog food brand that instantly earned a place in my heart, right next to Heath Ledger’s artfully messy brown locks.

Here are the 10 things my dog Rita and I “hate” about Ollie.

Credit: Ollie

Taming of the Pooch

1. It gives my dog too much energy

Rita is almost 3 years old, but she’s still cruising on puppy energy, thanks to Ollie. I’m talking multiple zoomies a day, Olympic-level jumping, and absolutely running me ragged. I’m almost mad at her (and Ollie), but she’s clearly so happy and full of life – and frankly, I need the exercise! 

2. It ruined other dog foods for me 

Wet, dry, homemade, canned… all either nasty, or subpar, or simply bad for my dog. Every meal required so much modification, and I’d sink hours into researching what food she should really eat. Before I switched to Ollie, I would spend every night mixing dry with wet (she’s never been a fan of just dry texture), adding bone broth for flavor, plus healthy toppers to ensure maximum nutrition. I am never, ever going back to that.

3. It cured my fresh food ick

I don’t know if you’ve ever looked at the options for fresh food, but they’re often… unsavory in texture. Whether it’s a smelly paste or a tube that you slice up into discs like canned cranberry sauce, it’s hard to feel like what you’re feeding your pup is really all that healthy or fresh. Ollie, on the other hand, has a perfect texture with real, identifiable chunks of fruits and vegetables, plus uber-convenient packaging for storage and serving.

4. It made me jealous of Rita

Call me crazy, but knowing just how high-quality the food is, and how it’s perfectly packed with nutrients and then precisely portioned? Rita is basically living like a Kardashian, with a private chef and all. Some might say I’m spoiling my girl, but I’m just giving her exactly what she and all dogs deserve – delicious, healthy, human-grade food.

5. Transitioning was too easy

If you know, you know – transitioning your dog to a new food can be a nightmare. But Ollie’s made it a breeze with their Digestion Scan. While you’re transitioning your dog, you can send pictures of their poop (yes, poop) and get personalized recommendations to keep everything as easy as possible. And you can use it after, too, just as a quick check-in on your pup’s digestive health!

P.S. This is all through the Ollie app, which also provides Weight Screenings and Dental Screenings. Help is literally just a click (or a tap) away.

A rare moment of peace and quiet

6. It made Rita too cute???

Little did I know, Ollie isn’t just good for Rita’s insides… it’s great for her outsides too. Her coat is shinier and sleeker than ever (plus a lot less shedding), her breath smells so much better, and she’s shed the bit of weight that her vet has been making subtle note of for a while. Let’s face it, Rita was already a cutie patootie, but now she’s basically the Heath Ledger of canines.

7. It supports her allergies

Like owner, like dog. When the pollen count goes up, I go down, and the same is true for Miss Rita. She loves playing outside, but often she’ll come back sneezy and teary-eyed. However! Ollie has supplements that can help – I swear by their Immunity Chews, made with the same human-grade ingredients and care as their fresh food. 

8. It made my dog too excited for mealtime

Before, Rita would wait patiently for her food, allow me to set it down, and eat at a leisurely pace. Now, though, mealtime feels like a frenzy! As soon as she sees me grab the Ollie package out of the fridge, she’s chatting with me, grabbing my hand with her paw, and nearly jumping onto the counter to speed the process up. A little annoying but still makes me smile every time!

9. It’s too convenient

Scrambling to the store when I suddenly discover I’m out of kibble. Struggling to properly portion food. Guesstimating add-ons to ensure my pup is getting all the proper nutrients. These are all in the past, and I couldn’t be more grateful. All it took was filling out a questionnaire about my pup to get her a customized meal plan with the best possible diet for her age, weight, breed mix, and lifestyle. 

10. I can’t stop talking about it

Any and all dog owners in my life have heard me wax poetic about Ollie and how it’s changed Rita’s and my day-to-day. I’ve converted many of them into fresh food connoisseurs as well! Call me a broken record, but Ollie’s fresh food is easy, convenient, nutrient-packed, and delicious – plus, the thousands of 5-star reviews agree with me.

Your Rom-Com Moment

It’s time for you (and your pup) to have your own meet-cute with Ollie, and see why we can’t help but love it to death. Right now, get 50% off your first box of Ollie!

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