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1 Year with My GreenPan Cookware

April 22, 2024
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Editor’s note: If you’re trying to eat healthier, there’s no better place to start than with GreenPan's Reserve set. And right now you can get it for 10% off with code: PRIMARY10

It’s been about a year since I bought my GreenPan cookware, and a lot of things have changed in my life. I’m living in a new city, cooking for an extra person, and eating healthier than ever before. But one thing hasn’t changed: these pans are still taking everything I throw at them and then some!

But before I get to my actual review of GreenPan (which is honestly glowing), I should probably start with why I bought them. And it all boils down to toxic chemicals – and more specifically, PFAS.

Check these amazing ceramic pans out for yourself.

What even is PFAS?

For most of my life, I was blithely unaware what “PFAS” meant, and if I saw it mentioned anywhere, I certainly couldn’t pronounce it. (I’ve learned since: try saying “pee fast” but leave off the last letter.) Let’s dig into the nitty-gritty…

PFAS, short for per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a family of 9,000 chemicals used in the manufacturing process of many products, including cookware. They’re the reason your favorite nonstic pans are so… nonsticky. They’re also a sneaky toxin. Some companies like to claim to be “toxin-free,” yet still include PFAS for its nonstick properties. But if they’re not PFAS-free, then they’re definitely not toxin-free.

You might recognize PFAS by their significantly spookier name: forever chemicals, so called because once they’re in your body or the environment, they’re there to stay. Forever. Which seems like a pretty rough trade-off for being able to cook a perfect omelet. 

If you are legitimately a little freaked out right now, I feel your pain – this was me before discovering GreenPan. Don’t worry, it gets better!

PFAS-free is the life for me

Obviously, once I knew the truth about most nonstick pans, I couldn’t un-know it. I cook a lot at home, and I (naturally) care what I put in my body. So I immediately began searching for healthier cookware, and that’s how I stumbled on GreenPan

GreenPan doesn’t use PFAS to make their pans nonstick – and they never have. They knew early on how harmful PFAS and other forever chemicals were, so they developed their ceramic nonstick to be a better alternative that’s both nonstick and toxin-free! Flooded with relief, I ordered a 10-piece set from their Reserve line (Sunrise with gold handles). And I’m so impressed with how these pans have held up! I’ve seared, boiled, braised, caramelized, fricasséed, and otherwise put this set through the ringer over the past year – and they’ve come out the other side looking and cooking as good as they did on day one. 

Check out one of my go-tos – a full breakfast – beautifully executed with my GreenPan: 

I’ve managed to knock this meal out in no time flat using my GreenPans. Sunny side up eggs in the frypan, vegan sausages low and slow in the small pan, roasted potatoes with mushrooms, shallots and garlic in the saucier. This is one of those recipes that I'd tried I don’t even know how many times with my stainless pans, and I could never get it quite right. Turns out the secret is having the best pan for the job! Not only do I get to avoid burnt onion sticking to the inside of the pan, but my eggs come off perfectly every. single. time.

And since I’m already showing my kitchen off, I’ve just got to take a moment to mention how amazing my GreenPan set looks in it. The Sunrise set matches my kitchen aesthetic so much better than my cold stainless steel or dark cast iron pans ever did!

GreenPan’s Reserve line at a glance

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  • Seriously nonstick. Eggs beware!
  • PFAS, toxin, and forever chemical free
  • Color options to match any kitchen
  • Diamond-reinforced ceramic to help prevent scratches and damage
  • Anodized aluminum bases for extra durability
  • Oven-safe up to 600°F, lids up to 425°F
  • Tempered glass lids so you can watch your pot boil


  • Ceramic requires more care than stainless steel (no cooking sprays, or metal utensils) but cleanup is way easier!
  • You may have to adjust to using medium or medium-low heat. Medium-high and high heat aren’t recommended for ceramic. 
  • They’re pricier than your average no-name Amazon set, but you get what you pay for – and then some!

The short and sweet version (or maybe slow-cooked and savory, if that’s more your speed) is that these pans are coming out of the box ready to rock your world. Because they’re not just PFAS and toxin-free, they’re also made without PFOAs, lead, and cadmium! They’re also an incredibly easy-to-use set of nonstick pans. Eggs fear them, fish leave no skin, and onions brown without daring to stick to the bottom. 

Basically, you’re gonna feel like the culinary lovechild of Emeril Lagasse and Bobby Flay, ready to BAM! your way into impressing everyone who sets foot in your kitchen. Seriously, I love my GreenPan Reserve 10-piece set and I’m 1,000,000% confident you’re going to feel the same way.

You don’t just have to take my word for it…

Because these reviews are sizzling! I do a deep dive before I buy anything, and the hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews on GreenPan’s site did not disappoint. Here’s a few that really caught my eye and helped convince me that these pans were worth it.

“Put simply, we are using these almost daily. The nonstick capabilities are the best we have experienced. It handles scrambling eggs to perfection. The build quality and visual look of these pans are also top notch!”
— s891

“I'm all on board for this trend of beautiful cookware. The delicate colors and elegant design make me love cooking even more. The performance of this cookware is phenomenal which makes it even more perfect! Absolutely in love with all of this.”
— MaBa1129

“I can't believe how well the set really does for cooking. I can cook any kind of dish and not worry about anything getting stuck in the fry pan and everything comes out beautifully. My food turns out wonderful each and every time that I cook in these!”
— petie101

“These two frying pans have become my favorite pans of all time. Just add a bit of oil or butter and nothing will stick to the pan. I've never had pans like these before, my eggs just float in them.”
— xleebeanx

What to know when you go ceramic

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I do hate toxins, forever chemicals sound scary, and wow those pans really would look great in my kitchen,” then there’s a few things you’ll want to know about ceramic cookware before you take the plunge.

Because if you’re like me, this will be your very first set of ceramic pans and you’re going to want to take care of them. So here’s some simple ceramic do’s and don’ts to follow whether you’re getting a frypan set, the 5-piece essentials, or the full 12-piece, everything-you'll-ever-need set.


  • Use them for everything! As I’ve already mentioned, they’re great.
  • Get cozy with the low to medium heat range on your stove. It’s going to be your best friend because GreenPan’s Thermolon™ coating conducts heat like crazy.
  • Use a little oil or butter (as if you didn’t already) when cooking to help maximize those delicious slippery slidey vibes.
  • Use silicone or wood utensils to help them last longer. The diamond-reinforced ceramic is metal utensil safe, but if you want to maximize their lifespan, silicone or wood is the way to go.
  • Use pan protectors to help prevent the extra tough hard-anodized exteriors from scratching up your ceramic interiors.
  • Allow a little time for your cookware to cool before washing. Dropping a sizzling pan into relatively cold water risks thermal shock which can warp your pans and crack your lids.
  • Wash after every use. I know, I know, but it’s gotta be said. Reach for a nice soft sponge or give them a rinse and toss them into the dishwasher. 


  • Use high heat! Ceramic conducts heat much better than you’re used to, and max heat will scorch food into your pans damaging their nonstickiness.
  • Bang your utensils onto the edges. Yes, we all do it to get that last little bit of goodness off the spatula, but you risk chipping the ceramic at the edges of your pans.
  • Use cooking oil sprays. They create itty bitty particulates that burn quickly and can create a sticky layer of carbonization on your pan.
  • Use abrasive cleaners like steel wool, iron sponges, or abrasive detergents. These can cause micro-scratches that damage the nonstick finish.

Just tell me if they’re good or not, already!

Ok, I hear you. I’ve been waxing poetic about ceramic, raging against PFAS, and just generally going on for long enough. At the end of the day, what everyone wants to know is do these pans actually cook well? Is the nonstick nonsticky enough? Can I fry an egg without frying my patience? And the answer to all of the above is a resounding YES! 

I honestly love my GreenPan Reserve 10-piece set.

I actually bought it to supplement a stainless steel set that was driving me nuts (cough All Clad cough) and I’ve barely touched my other pans since. And while I’m typically a bit of a minimalist, I’ve found that I love having all the different pieces. Not only do they help me handle recipes with lots of moving parts, but I’ve also got the perfect sized pot or pan to reach for, whether I’m cooking for one or a dozen.

Four more reasons to love GreenPan

  1. They’re the original ceramic nonstick. Ceramic cookware is getting more popular these days, but GreenPan’s Thermolon™ was the first ever non-plastic, forever chemical-free nonstick coating. While there are a lot of hot, new, flash-in-the-pan companies out there, GreenPan has been doing ceramic cookware for longer than anyone.
  2. Always forever chemical free. PFAS isn’t just a single thing, it’s actually a family of chemicals. So while other nonstick companies just jump from one to the next as regulations get updated, GreenPan avoids the issue entirely with ceramic.
  3. Green isn’t just a name. GreenPan is committed to producing their products in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. They own their own factory which is run partially on solar energy, they have their own wastewater treatment plant, and they’ve won multiple sustainability awards.
  4. They’re more than just pots and pans. GreenPan’s team is constantly innovating and they’re ready to revolutionize your entire kitchen. They’ve got everything from Bakeware to Electric Appliances like Slow Cookers and Grills to Kitchen Tools and a brand new line of Knives

If you’re ready to take your cookware game to the next level and ditch PFAS and toxin-laden traditional nonstick for ceramic, their best prices of the year are right now. Check them out in Cream, Sky Blue, Taupe, Twilight, Dove Gray, Wisteria, Julep, Merlot, Blush, Black, and of course, Sunrise.

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