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The 5 Adaptogenic Beverage Brands We’re Loving Right Now

April 21, 2023

To put it (very) mildly, we live in a stressful world! So we need a little something more than our regular routine to keep our brains in tip-top shape. Enter adaptogens, a group of plants, herbs, and mushrooms that help our bodies and minds adapt to stress, improve mood, balance hormones, fight fatigue, and boost the immune system. Read on for our top picks of beverage brands that have made it their mission to introduce a little adaptogenic action into everyday life.

Credit: Four Sigmatic

1. Four Sigmatic 

We’ve been drinking Four Sigmatic’s mushroom coffee and loving it. All of their coffee offerings contain various adaptogenic, functional mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Reishi; for an extra boost, you can opt to try their Adaptogen Blend. Perfectly balanced to promote de-stressing, it makes a great addition to your favorite morning beverage for an even keel to your day. 

Credit: Clevr Blends Site

2. Clevr Blends 

Oprah-approved, Clevr Blends offers a range of oat-milk based SuperLattes that are made with adaptogenic herbs, superfoods, and functional mushrooms. With options like their best-selling Matcha, award winning Chai, and turmeric-infused Golden, these SuperLattes aren’t just easy to make (just add water!), they’re easy to enjoy. 

Credit: Goodmylk Site

3. Goodmylk 

Goodmylk makes plant-based mylks that stand out from the rest due to their lack of chemicals, fillers, binders, oils, preservatives, and processing. And if you try their Activated Creamers in Almond or Super Oat, you’ll get adaptogens and functional mushrooms alongside all that plant-based nutritional goodness. It helps that it tastes great too – with a little help from a frother, it blends in perfectly with your morning coffee to create a creamy, stress-relieving treat. 

Credit: Recess

4. Recess 

Want adaptogens in every sip of your favorite sparkling water? Relax and unwind with a Recess. With a suite of bold flavors like blood orange and peach ginger, all you have to do is find your favorite and you can be sipping stress-busting adaptogens and hemp all day long. An added perk? Every flavor is made with real fruits, and contains 5g or less of sugar. 

Credit: Athletic Greens

5. Athletic Greens

With just a single scoop of Athletic GreensAG1 powder, you’re getting 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced nutrients. That includes adaptogens like Rhodiola, Ashwagandha, and Eleuthero. We’ve been drinking it daily, and our bodies and minds have never felt clearer or more energized. 

Supporting your ability to handle the stressors of everyday life doesn’t have to be difficult. If you feel like leveling up, reach for any one of delicious adaptogenic beverages and reap the balancing rewards. Remember to always consult with a healthcare professional before adding any new supplement or product to your routine. Cheers to supporting your health and well-being with these amazing adaptogenic products!

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