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How I Convinced Myself to Start Cooking Dinner at Home

January 18, 2023

All of the foodies in my life insist that I am not one.

I, of course, disagree. I can go to bat with the best of them, appreciating side-street food trucks just as much as a five-course Michelin-starred meal. I can make the meanest cocktails, and my Netflix recommendations are almost all cooking competitions. My only flaw is…

I don’t cook. I know, I know. But why attempt what I know the pros have already mastered? Why prep and clean when I can sit back and enjoy? Well, my bank account, for one. My diet, for two. And “adulting”? A strong three. After being shamed by my parents and foodie friends alike, I knew what I must do.

I went out and purchased a big girl set of cookware from Caraway. And TL;DR: if you want the very best non-toxic cookware – that also happens to be gorgeous – you should pick up a Caraway set, too

Saucing Up My Kitchen

I’ll admit, it was the modern style and chic colorways that drew me in. What can I say, we eat (and shop) with our eyes first. But with some further research, I also discovered the laundry list of other benefits that are just as important.

The ceramic coating (as opposed to Teflon, stainless steel, or cast-iron) means that Caraway cookware is:

  • Nontoxic and made without harmful chemicals (e.g. PFAS, PTFE, PFOA)
  • Non-stick
  • Easy to wash

For the more chef-minded, their pieces:

  • Are versatile – multiple uses in one item!
  • Conduct heat well
  • Were clearly designed to complement any home kitchen

And, if sustainability is important to you, Caraway is:

  • Eco-friendly – their manufacturing process releases fewer CO2 emissions
  • Ethically manufactured – they support BSCI and SMETA certified manufacturing partners to treat their employees right
  • Packaged sustainably, without single-use plastics and using recycled materials

My choice was their best-selling Ceramic Cookware Set in Silt Green, featuring a 10.5” Fry Pan, 3 qt Sauce Pan, 4.5 qt Saute Pan, and 6.5 qt Dutch Oven. The set also comes with magnetic pan racks and a canvas lid holder for beautiful and space-saving storage – something I had not considered, and was very glad they did. It was everything that I needed, and although a Dutch Oven was a distinctly foreign concept to me, I was ready to buckle down and figure out what exactly I could make in it. 

When I found the package on my doorstep, I was beyond excited to bring it into my little apartment and jazz up the place. And let me tell you, the pan racks and lid holders are a life-saver. Especially for a newbie like me, being able to organize these brand-new items in an aesthetically-pleasing way made it that much easier to reach for them – instead of the Postmates app.

I’m not gonna lie – they made me want to cook, even if it was just to snap a pic for IG to show off my “skills.”

Dipping a Toe (/ Egg) In

To start out, I wanted to really put the non-stick claim to the test, so I started with a classic fried egg, no oil. On a low heat (these pans really do conduct heat well), I cracked the christening eggs. As advertised, they slid right out of the pan like they couldn’t wait to leave and get onto my plate. Delighted by this discovery, I may have gone overboard, frying far more eggs than I could eat in one sitting – but enjoying the process so thoroughly, I couldn’t help myself. 

This also means cleaning requires just the swipe of a sponge – heaven to any fellow lazy gastro-enthusiasts. Or, if you find that food has gotten itself stuck on the pan’s surface, no need to worry! All it takes is simmering some soapy water on low heat to release the gunk.

Then, it was time to explore, expand my repertoire, see if all the time I’d spent chowing down would translate to cooking ability. With a couple recipes from my mom and some from my favorite chefs (hey, John Kanell of Preppy Kitchen), I cooked my heart out.

With just the four pieces that came in my set, I fell in love with myriad new recipes. Whether it was french onion soup, scallion pancakes, or chicken parmesan, Caraway could handle it all with aplomb. And if I made a mistake? No scraping required to throw some burnt chicken in the trash.

The Cherry On Top

There’s definitely a learning curve – maybe I shouldn’t have tried to freehand measurements as an amateur – but a whole new world has opened up to me. Now, not only am I saving money and feeling healthier, I can make every dish exactly how I want it. And with trial and error, I’ll soon be hosting dinner parties like there’s no tomorrow.

Need a Nudge? 

If you’re curious about becoming a certified Home Chef like moi – but perhaps wavering before taking the plunge – here are some Pros & Cons to consider: 

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  • Their biggest claim to fame: Caraway cookware is incredibly non-stick. This means minimal oil use to make delicious dishes.
  • Caraway is good for you. If you have concerns about chemicals in your cookware, they are allayed here.
  • There is a huge focus on sustainability – so they’re taking care of the planet, too.
  • They’re beyond chic. Enough said.
  • Their sets come with storage, so you don’t have to worry about your brand-new items getting banged up or lost in the back of your cabinet.
  • They go beyond just cookware – if you’re looking for bakeware, a tea kettle, linens, and/or food storage, Caraway has you covered.


  • Caraway requires a great deal of care. If you want to maintain their high quality, you have to be careful – only use on low heat, avoid cooking oils/sprays, no using metal utensils, keep them out of the dishwasher, and avoid abrasive cloths/sponges. They are a labor of love.
  • They are not the most affordable option. Since they are so high quality, you’re paying a steeper price. But it’s worth it!

So there you have it! My Caraway set is, far and away, the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. It’s the safest non-stick cookware I’ve come across, it’s extremely easy to use, it’s super aesthetically-pleasing (very important!), and it’s honestly instilled a confidence in cooking that I’ve never known before. 

With Caraway, I can wear my foodie badge of honor proudly – and you can, too, once you start cooking with Caraway.

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